Data Management at Scale

For data management at scale, enterprise organizations need practical engineering that is nimble, usable, and built to last. Passerelle helps enterprise organizations transition away from brittle legacy architecture, and can help optimize performance in existing technology investments. Additionally, we provide engineering consulting, professional services and training, as well as short term staffing for project deployments.

Services and Solutions for Enterprise Data Management

Data Rocket for Marketing

Data Rocket for Marketing creates a well-governed data cloud environment for use with Flywheel marketing segmentation. Flywheel accesses data marts in the Snowflake Data Cloud, so your marketing data never has to leave your data warehouse and you maintain one version of the truth.

Mastered Data Framework

Create a golden record of customer data, product data, or organizational data with practical data mastering, built with Talend's Data Fabric. Streamline mission-critical data and build data trust.

Tibco Migration

Ready to move to replace Tibco? Talend and Passerelle have partnered to offer a roadmap for Talend’s Enterprise Service Bus, with complimentary discovery and planning. As part of Passerelle’s Keystone Consultation, we will provide complimentary roadmap services for qualifying Tibco clients who are ready to migrate to a more flexible, cost-effective data management platform.

Snowflake Watch

Snowflake Watch makes it easier for large organizations to predict and plan for Snowflake consumption – with aggregate and point-in-time usage statistics. Pinpoint inefficiencies by warehouse, user or database and audit data activities performed by users, including data updates and data schema changes. Accelerate setup and security modelling.

Enterprise Data Management

We provide technology training, professional services and consulting for enterprise organizations. We can help augment your existing workforce during project deployment with expertise in data engineering, data transformation, data architecture, API services and enterprise service bus architecture. Technology expertise includes Snowflake, Talend, SqlDBM, dbt labs, Tableau, AWS and Microsoft.

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