Data Estate Modernization for Banks and Credit Unions​

Learn from banking leaders at Renasant Bank, Berkshire Bank and Camden National Bank, who have unlocked data decision-making through data estate modernization.

Topics include building a Data Governance Foundation, must-have features in technology investments, how to create transformation champions with use-case based deployment, and building a better technology roadmap.

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This 24-Page Guide lays out the fundamentals of Data Estate Modernization through the lens of banking leaders who have been through it – including Guiding Principles to Agile Data Governance, considerations for choosing and implementing new technology components, and how to build a better roadmap to a modern data strategy.

We interviewed regional banking data leaders to bring key points to life – including how data modernization initiatives helped Berkshire Bank respond to the fallout from Silicon Valley Bank, and how Renasant Bank is levering its data strategy to compete with supernational banks and fintechs. Read about the data journeys of other financial services institutions in this comprehensive guide that can serve as both a starting point and a reference. 

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Guide Chapters

Agile Data Governance

Read about the Practical Data Governance principles that should be at the foundation of any Data Estate Modernization campaign. Learn how to create a Governed Data Lake Warehouse where data is timely, trusted and known. Start building your Data Governance Posture with advice from three banking leaders.

Technology Adoption

Discover the forces driving data estate modernization, and read about how banks and credit unions have adapted to major technology shifts in the past. Learn what features are “must-haves” for leaders from four banking leaders. Uncover the importance of use-case based adoption to create transformation champions and stymie adoption fatigue.

Modern Data Strategy

Build a better technology roadmap with Data Rocket, a modern data stack built on Talend and Snowflake. Data Rocket allows you to assemble data in a governed cloud data lake warehouse. Trusted data is easily enriched with 3rd party and enriched 1st party data and AI/ML models, and put into action with self-service insights.

Hear the Camden National Bank Story

Josh Nash, Camden National Bank's SVP and Director of IT, shares how Camden National Bank developed its technology roadmap and built future-ready data management capabilities in the Snowflake Data Cloud.

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