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4 Dashboards to Improve Observability in Your Snowflake Data Cloud

Snowflake provides an infinitely scalable environment for data storage and access, with a pay per use pricing model that appeals to organizations of any size. But do you have the tools to maintain a high level of observability into your Data Cloud? Can you easily monitor usage for cost control and optimization? Can you quickly audit access and permissions of certain roles, or from specific objects?

Passerelle has created Snowflake Watch to build visibility into your Data Cloud. As part of Data Rocket, Snowflake Watch provides dashboards for:

  • Warehouse Usage Dashboard
  • Query Performance Dashboard
  • Security Setup Dashboard
  • Database Stats Dashboard

With Snowflake Watch, Snowflake managers can quickly gauge key volumetric stats with customizable visual dashboards, and drill down to the query- and user-level for deeper insights.

Warehouse Usage Dashboard

Data Rocket’s Snowflake Warehouse Usage Dashboard gives organizations a way to easily monitor and optimize Warehouse usage. With the ability to track aggregate or point-in-time usage, you can identify areas of increased usage, and drill down to find areas of overutilization. By providing a clear picture of usage and a way to monitor and optimize usage, the Warehouse Usage Dashboard helps you right-size your Snowflake Data Cloud.

Snowflake Warehouse Usage

With the Warehouse Usage Dashboard, you can:

  • Know trend of warehouse usage by time – bars indicate the Warehouse usage for a given day and the line gives cumulative amount for the selected time period;
  • Get warehouse usage for a given time period, example for last 1 Year, 3 months, etc. by selecting time period in Time period filter;
  • Drill into details of each warehouse – uptime is provided in the bottom right table; and
  • Survey usage trend details for a specific warehouse – select warehouse in the warehouse filter.

Query Performance Dashboard

The larger the Snowflake Deployment, the harder it is to gain visibility into query stats and performance. With Data Rocket’s Snowflake Query Performance Dashboard, organizations can move beyond table views, with an intuitive interface that filters by queries, execution time, and user.

Snowflake Query Performance

With the Query Peformance Dashboard, you can:

  • View key insights of queries processed by Snowflake, stats such as:
  • Trend of # Queries by time period
  • Trend of Avg. Query execution time
  • Trend of estimated Snowflake cost associated to queries processing
  • Drill down to specific type of query, such as Alter statements, Delete statements, inserts, etc.
  • View details of all failed queries
  • Query stats by user, by warehouse size, database, etc.
  • Query details views provide more details, such as queue time, rows read, processed, bytes scanned, etc. associated to each query
  • For failed queries, user can also get the reason for query failure, error messages
  • Audit the data activities performed by users, both data manipulation activities such as data updates, inserts, deletes and data schema changes such as Create, Alter, Copy, create stages, etc.

Snowflake Security Dashboard

The Snowflake Security Setup Dashboard provides one place to view permissions across your organization. Users can filter by Role, Database, Object or Privilege. The Dashboard supports accelerated design of the data security model and auditing of existing frameworks.

Snowflake Security Setup

With the Snowflake Security Dashboard, you can:

  • Map Snowflake user roles to Snowflake objects such as Database, Warehouse, Schema, etc.;
  • Selecting the one or more Roles from “ROLE” filter to easily visualize and know, which of databases, warehouse, schema, or others it has access to it;
  • See specific mapping associated to a selected role; and
  • View Role and Object security mapping in tabular format in Details tab.

Database Stats Dashboard

The Snowflake Data Setup Dashboard provides accessible insights into Snowflake Database setup, with customized timeframes and the ability to drill down by Database Size and Database Owner.

Snowflake Database Dashboard

With the Snowflake Database Setup Dashboard, you can:

  • Snowflake database volumetric stats are provided in the Database setup dashboard
  • For a given time period, dashboard provides volumetric stats such as:
  • Number of Database created
  • Avg. Size of Database
  • Trend of Database growth
  • Know the specific user who is the owner of each database.

How to Optimize Your Snowflake Data Cloud with Data Rocket

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