Find, Trust, and Govern AI-Ready Data

Atlan is a pioneering active metadata management platform where diverse data teams—comprising analysts, engineers, data scientists, and business experts—come together to collaborate and drive data democratization. Our platform is designed to streamline and enhance the way these teams work with data, overcoming traditional silos and fostering a culture of data literacy and accessibility. Atlan offers a single control plane for your data stack, built on top of a metadata lake-house, with comprehensive solutions for data catalog, glossary, lineage, governance, data products, contracts, and more.

Data Discovery

With natural language search, business context search or SQL syntax queries, business users and data engineers can search across your entire data estate. Atlan’s Data Discovery features include a Companion Sidebar that measures trust signals in your data.

Active Data Governance

Atlan puts enablement and security at the heart of your Data Governance strategy with custom classifications that tag sensitive data assets with the appropriate classification, playbooks that automatically identify your most sensitive data, and automate propagation to create custom classifications at the source and data application.

Data Lineage

Atlan supports column-level confidence in your data lineage by providing automated SQL parsing, ready-to-use integrations and support of open API architecture. Interactive controls, a seamless user experience and personalized views so users across your organization can interact with and better understand data lineage. Active controls support real-time troubleshooting and collaboration.

Glossary and Knowledge Graph

Understand connections between data, definitions and domains with a customizable glossary that mimics your organization's data use. Related terms, linked assets and searchable terms activate knowledge around your data assets, while a connected semantic layer builds relationships between definitions, metrics and assets.

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Atlan + Passerelle

Passerelle helps organizations interested in Atlan’s comprehensive data catalog solution prepare their data estate for deployment and utilization. Once in use, our data architects provide service and support to fully realize the value of your investment. Atlan’s solution aligns with Passerelle’s vision for Agile Data Governance, putting iteration and collaboration at the center of your Data Goverance strategy.

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