Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise Data Management

Scalable and Future Ready Technology Stacks

Data-minded decisionmakers know the value of timely, trustworthy, data to their organization, but can be stymied by new technology and offerings – nobody wants to invest in a system that will be leapfrogged by tomorrow’s advancements. Passerelle works within your technology ecosystem, providing the expertise to future-proof investments and optimize performance of leading technology partners, including:

  • Talend
  • Snowflake
  • Tableau
  • dbt cloud
  • HVR
  • Confluent
  • SqlDBM
  • Dataiku
  • Passerelle IP and blueprints empower inhouse engineering teams to operate with maximum efficiency, and our consultants augment your team during heavy lifts. We offer trusted support during and after implementation of new technology to ensure you are getting value from your investment.

    Enterprise Data Management Services

    Data Life Cycle

    With Passerelle blueprints on the Talend Cloud Platform, raw data becomes analytics-ready through a replicable framework that permits staging, testing and deployment in parallel workflows. Passerelle’s Data Life Cycle management yields clean data for persistent staging and integration, with data versioning and capture/manage record version. Aggregated realtime and historical data are integrated for analytics with row-level security with custom transformation, grouping and calculations.

    Data Quality

    Data quality can be compromised when data isn’t handled uniformly – but it is essential for all users in an organization to be able to work with the data they need, when they need it. Passerelle builds data quality campaigns that identifies data quality issues at the analytics issue, with pipelines to solve incongruencies at the source level. Our solutions bridge the needs of business analysts and data engineers, so data can become a team sport.

    Audit and Control Framework

    With Passerelle’s Audit and Control framework, data engineers can:

  • Monitor day-to-day data ingestion and data warehouse activity;
  • Proactively notice errors and fast forward troubleshooting; and
  • Help plan and scale data growth.
  • A custom dashboard in Snowflake shows failed jobs, and drills down to details and execution exception. Runtime metric support planning and forecasting and volume metrics at the object level allow fast reconciliation of row numbers and analysis of potential data set rejections. Passerelle’s Dashboard monitors Snowflake usage to better understand and control cost.

    Data Mastering

    Data Mastering with Passerelle Data Rocket™ integrates Talend’s Data Fabric and the Snowflake Data Cloud, using industry-best IP to create automated workflows for data deduping, stewardship and visualization. Our code and framework empowers anyone within your organization to create a Golden Record that uniquely identifies customers, products and sales records in realtime. Offered with use-based pricing, Data Rocket™ Data Mastering was created to provide value and scalability, growing with your business and future-proofing your investment.

    Data Governance

    With practical data governance, your data is secure and accessible – putting the right information in the hands of the right people. Passerelle’s five-role permissions blueprint follows Snowflake best practices and guidelines, with developer, QA/UAT, SME, and power user service accounts, a Snowflake Administrator. This accelerator provides a data security model implementing single sign on for authentication and authorization.

    API Services

    New data sources can complicate data ingestion, create backlogs and yield untrustworthy results. Using Talend Data Fabric, Passerelle creates custom APIs for internal and external data sources, accelerating data integration and processing. Passerelle has extensive experience with helping with supply chain API services and REST API integration from SaaS providers.

    Snowflake + SqlDBM

    SqlDBM is a cloud-native collaborative modeling tool for cloud data warehouses. Teams can work collaboratively, modeling and analyzing an entire database in SqlDBMs easy to use, code-free interface. Passerelle uses SqlDBM to accelerate cloud migrations - data engineers can directly connect to any database in Snowflake - whether migrating an entire warehouse or developing a new database.

    Case Studies

    We help businesses harness the power of their data.

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