Ready to Replace Tibco?

Ready to Replace Tibco?

Find Fast ROI with Talend Enterprise Service Bus

Problem: Tibco Mergers and Acquisitions Add Expense and Create Confusion for Customers.

When Tibco acquired Information Builders (IBI) in 2020, it added a comprehensive suite of analytics and integration tools, including iWay’s legacy enterprise integration software, to Tibco’s integration offerings. But with IBI’s acquisition came the challenge of unifying IBI and iWay to Tibco’s existing platform, and transitioning IBI’s customer base to Tibco’s inflexible pricing and licensing model. Ongoing acquisitions have created uncertainty around pricing models, making it difficult to plan for the future.

Solution: Talend Migration with Passerelle Keystone Consultation.
Migrating away from Tibco with Talend’s API Services Enterprise Service Bus provides a rapid ROI with reduced licensing fees, infrastructure and maintenance costs. Talend’s scalable data management platform provides an all-in-one toolkit for data integration, data governance, API services and change data capture. Passerelle provides complimentary roadmapping services, including project scoping and a cost-benefit analysis.

About Passerelle Keystone Consultation

Complex pricing and technical requirements make scaling with Tibco costly and resource intensive. Talend and Passerelle have partnered to offer a roadmap for Talend’s Enterprise Service Bus, with complimentary discovery and planning. As part of Passerelle’s Keystone Consultation, we will provide complimentary roadmap services for qualifying Tibco clients who are ready to migrate to a more flexible, cost-effective data management platform. Passerelle’s Keystone Consultation includes 20 hours of professional services for a rapid assessment. The assessment will provide a timeline, scope and software cost analysis with an in-depth look at the ROI of Tibco migration. Ready to take the first step? Request a consultation here.

Why Talend?

Predictable Pricing

The biggest customer complaints following Tibco’s mergers have been unreliable pricing and licensing plan. Talend offers subscription-based pricing, per-user pricing for a complete data management platform that includes multi-cloud, cloud, cloud-hybrid and on-premises integration, app-to-app integration (legacy and modern), unstructured data capacity, API creation and management, data profiling, self-service data prep, Spark batch processing, and big data connectors.

Cloud, Multi-cloud and Cloud-hybrid environments

Talend partners with leading cloud data warehouse providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Snowflake and Databricks. With Talend, organizations can access data where it resides – in data centers, behind firewalls or in secure cloud environments.

Reduce Cost

Talend eliminates the need for costly on-premises platforms with a cloud-first data management platform that adapts to the specific needs of your organization. For enterprise organizations replacing legacy systems, the cost savings associated with cloud migration often cover the cost of data estate modernization.

Comprehensive Solutioning

In addition to Talend’s subscription model, organizations can add to their Talend Platform with easily integrated products and services, including Change Data Capture, Talend Data Catalog and professional development through Talend Academy.

Accelerated Implementation

Talend Data Integration features more than 1,000 prebuilt connectors and components, and a drag and drop interface to develop and deploy reusable data pipelines without handcoding. Talend supports scaling large data sets to advanced data analytics or Spark platforms.

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Ready to replace Tibco?

Get a complimentary roadmap assessment, which includes 20 hours of professional services and provides timeline, scope and software cost analysis with an in-depth look at the ROI of migration from Tibco.

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