ALTR + Passerelle

Scalable Data Governance and User Visibility

ALTR is an automated data access control and security solution, allowing organizations to easily govern and protect sensitive data in the cloud. With ALTR, organizations of any size can get more data to the right users, in less time, more securely.

ALTR provides a SaaS platform for scalable data governance, superior observability and patented data protection. Interactive usage heatmaps and drill-down dashboards allow organizations to see who is using data, when they are using it, and with what frequency. Access control features maintain organizational policies rather than role level conditions, providing painless enterprise data security management at scale.

Native Snowflake Integration

Native integration with Snowflake enables effortless deployment of ALTR into an existing Snowflake Data Cloud environment. Even better – the base subscription to ALTR is free through Snowflake Partner Connect and unlocks data discovery and classification, application of row level security and dynamic data masking. User-based subscription models scale with business needs, and include Snowflake-native classification and object tag integration, and data catalog and ETL integrations.

Data Observability and Rate Limiting

ALTR helps organizations gain visibility into user behavior – who is using dating, when they are using it, and how much they use. By measuring and defining normal data usage, ALTR gives companies the ability to proactively prevents data theft and data fraud by restricting over consumption and providing real-time alerts on abnormalities.

Scalable Data Governance

ALTR provides a powerful, comprehensive tool for automated date governance at scale. As organizations scale, role-based permissions become unwieldy. ALTR enables access control through organization-wide policy creation and implements authorization at the column and row level of data. Combined with secure data tokenization and real-time alerting, ALTR’s access control provides protection to the most sensitive data in an organization’s cloud data warehouse.

Vaulted Tokenization

ALTR’s deterministic data tokenization shields data as it moves to and from the cloud data warehouse and applications, while ensuring it stays available for use. Tokenized data cannot be reassembled without consent of and approval authorized data owners.

ALTR + Passerelle

Passerelle will work with ALTR to deliver best practices for deployment and implementation at scale. Already in development – Passerelle will manage mapping of roles through API integration. Additionally, Passerelle engineers are developing dashboards that expand ALTRs heatmap and drilldown analytics to PowerBi and Tableau dashboards as part of our Data Rocket® offering.

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