AI + ML Engineering

AI + ML Engineering

Amplified Data Decision-making

Predictive insights use your data, alongside 3rd party data, to fuel AI and ML modeling that provide valuable insights and guideposts for decision-making. Passerelle data scientists help your organization define the right use case for ML and AI modeling, and implement the technology and architecture to meet your needs. We assist organizations with fully-baked ML engines, and those who are exploring predictive modeling for the first time.

AI + ML Engineering

AI/ML Integration Accelerator

Passerelle’s Integration Accelerator automates machine learning and AI modeling in the Snowflake Data Cloud. With our framework, organizations execute scheduled machine learning models deployed in production - a data scientist needs only to deploy their model to an API endpoint.


Passerelle partners with Dataiku to bring AI and ML to users throughout an organization, regardless of technical ability. Dataiku fosters collaboration across your organization, with a centralized workspace for data professionals, business analysts and C-Suite decision-makers. With turn-key integration to leading visual analytics providers and leading business communication platforms, Dataiku quickly deploys for immediate impact.

Snowflake Data Marketplace

The Snowflake Data Marketplace puts 3rd party data from around the world in the hands of Snowflake users – all with the click of a button. Passerelle data scientists help find the best data set to meet your needs, and the right data to answer your questions. Once ingested into your Snowflake Data Cloud, 3rd party data integrates with your historic and real-time data to supercharge predictive insight models.

Use cases/POCs

With predictive modeling, you can leverage historical and contextual data sets and turn them into actionable information. Passerelle offers a flat-fee POC, allowing you to unlock predictive insights for your business. You will discover what kind of data can be used – and what kind of questions can be answered – and get firsthand experience with the possibilities of ML in your business intelligence portfolio.

Case Studies

We help businesses harness the power of their data.

Better to Best – Talend + Passerelle
National Bank

Live Technical Demo

September 15 | 1 p.m. EST

Building Data Quality and Observability in the Snowflake Data Cloud

In this one-hour technical demonstration, Passerelle data engineers will showcase three Data Rocket components that support end-to-end data governance, provide automated data quality profiling, and monitor Snowflake user activity, volumetric stats and consumption data with prebuilt Snowflake Dashboards

This demo is ideal for technical users, organizations with a Talend + Snowflake footprint (or Talend + Snowflake curious), and fans of smart engineers building practical solutions.