About Passerelle

Data to Action

Passerelle empowers organizations to drive action from data.

Passerelle connects data to decision-making. Our purpose-driven engineering creates value and drives insights. We leverage partnerships with leading edge data technology innovators and disruptors, accelerating adoption through our IP and blueprints, technical expertise, and agile deployment. In addition to engineering, project management, and system integration services, Passerelle is the creator of Data Rocket®, an end-to-end acceleration architecture that modernizes data infrastructure and delivers critical business insights – securely and accessibly. With use-based pricing, Data Rocket puts industry-best data technology in the hands of businesses of any size, unlocking data mastering, data standardization and 3rd party data integration.

Our Values

Center on the Customer

We inspire satisfaction by listening deeply and responding effectively. Our ability to exceed expectations relies on understanding customer needs and engineering tailored solutions.


If you’ve worked at Passerelle for any amount of time, you’ve heard this one-word directive from CEO Pat Dionne. Our team members own their work with a progress mindset. We hire great people, and we trust them to be excellent.

Bring our Best.

We are focused and engaged and bring out the best in ourselves and others.

Engineer to Last.

Our architects and engineers aren’t just data wizards – they are craftsmen and craftswomen. We build with ethos from the physical world, laying strong foundations that endure and building architecture to foster growth and future-readiness.

Be Good Stewards.

Data is not just series of 0s and 1s – it represents real people, real businesses… real lives. We will be ethical and trustworthy stewards in every interaction with customers and their data.

Embrace What Makes Us Different.

Innovation is fueled by authenticity. We unlock our potential when we exchange ideas, share experiences and collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds. We embrace the things that make us different, and strive to create an inclusive environment where all stakeholders are welcomed, heard, and supported.

Quality of Life Leads to Quality of Work.

And vice versa. We want our employees to choose where they live and love where they work. We promise to challenge our employees with meaningful work, and support our employees as they pursue their passions.