Mastered Data Dashboard

Mastered Data Dashboard

Practical Data Mastering

Mastered Data Framework streamlines mission critical data by creating a Golden Record throughout the organization, with an accelerator built on Talend Data Quality and Stewardship.

In this animated gif, you will see the following:

  • Data from source has duplicates, ex: Pastel Paper – Colorfix OR, Colorfix Original… All are the same product but coded with different SKU in each system
  • Inventory data is skewed, impacting the order fulfillment
  • Due to duplicate product data, sales metrics and market performance data is skewed as well
  • Duplicate data can be resolved using DR Mastered Data Framework, which uses Talend DQ and Data stewardship framework to unify the data
  • By selecting Mastered Data view from drop down, we can now see that the duplicated product is consolidated to unique products
  • By grouping duplicate product data, we can now see that Product Inventory is in surplus to meet required order quantity
  • Looking at data quality metrics, we can see that 170 products from three source systems are grouped to 67 unique products
  • 68% of the products were automatically grouped by Talend DQ Algorithm with high level of confidence
  • Product matching in question were sent to Data steward via Talend DS interface for resolution
  • We could get list of original SKUs associated to newly created product id