Data Rocket® Managed Services

Data Rocket® Managed Services

Reliable, Flat-Fee Implementation and Management

For organizations that would like to get started with Data Rocket but don’t have the technical expertise or available resources, Passerelle offers Data Rocket Managed Services. As part of the offering, your organization will benefit from a comprehensive implementation and management plan along with the continued addition of new data sources and development of new use cases. Data Rocket Managed Services ensures proper deployment and utilization of Data Rocket components, including Data Quality Watch® and Snowflake Watch, and configuration of Data Rocket to support your business needs.

Our Managed Services plan can help you fill in knowledge gaps as you onboard your team and establish best practices with your data stack. Additionally, Managed Services can serve as an “embedded” team member so you can predict and control your human resource allocations.

Data Rocket Managed Services start at $4,000/month with a minimum 6-month commitment.

Build Your Expertise

Don't let a lack of internal expertise prevent you from modernizing your data estate. Passerelle architects and engineers will work alongside your team as you build proficiencies in your data stack.

Best Practice Approach

With Data Rocket Managed Services, you will start with best practice approach in Snowflake and Qlik Talend Data Management.

Accelerated Results

Less time onboarding means faster time to data insights. Passerelle will work with you to define a use case that will have immediate impact on your organization, so you can build on your success.

Modernization at Scale

With Data Rocket Managed Services, you have a clear roadmap for adding new data sources, use cases and technology to your data stack. You will work with a dedicated project manager who will set your team - and your vision - up for success.


Your Data Rocket Managed Services Includes

Snowflake Database Administrator

Your Snowflake Data Cloud Administrator manages and optimizes the performance, security, and efficiency of the data analytics platform within the Snowflake environment. The responsibilities of the Snowflake Administrator include platform compute and storage architecture design, compute (Virtual Warehouse) performance tuning and cluster management, platform monitoring and usage optimization, security and compliance, data management and operations, cost management, and Snowflake support. Your dedicated Snowflake Administrator will ensure you know about new features and updates within the Snowflake Data Cloud, so you can take advantage of emerging capabilities.

Key Services Include:

  • Snowflake security design (IP Whitelist, 2FA, IDP integration): Ensure Snowflake cloud platform is secured from external security threats, Snowflake Administrator will ensure the platform is secured by implementing IP Whitelist, 2FA and establish secured authentication by integrating with your IDP.
  • Virtual warehouse sizing and clustering: Snowflake virtual warehouses (Computation) need to be designed to scale efficient payload management. This can be done by setting the virtual warehouse size or creating clusters, depending on the requirements.
  • Data structures (Database, Schemas, Tables, View, etc.) create, update and management: Create and update the required Snowflake data objects to meet the requirements. Perform period house cleaning to remove obsolete data objects.
  • Code (UDF, Stored Procedures, External functions, etc.) management: Assist performance tuning of the Snowflake code by applying best practice and design approaches.
  • Data pipeline (Snowpipe) management: If data pipelines are implemented using Snowpipe, ensure the Snowpipe is operational and works without any issues.
  • Snowflake roles, users and object grants and permissions: Monitor and govern the Snowflake roles, users, and grants applied. Ensure there are no security flaws. Remove unused roles and grants.
  • Environments and Deployment Management​: Support Snowflake change management by applying code promotion from one environment to an upper environment. Monitor to ensure all the environments are synched.
  • 3rd Party apps integration: Support integration of Snowflake 3rd party apps such as Data Engineering tools (Talend, Qlik Replicate, Fivetran, Alteryx etc.), BI tools (Power BI, Qlik Sense, Sigma, Tableau, etc.), AI/ML platform (DataIku, Microsoft Azure ML service, etc.)
  • Snowflake Support​:Reach Snowflake support team if a Snowflake product issue requires assistance.

Qlik Talend Administrator

Your Talend Administrator will manage access, maintain workspaces, and oversee the environment configurations of the Qlik Talend Cloud Integration Platform. They support change management, ensuring smooth task promotions and schedule tasks for optimal execution. With a focus on monitoring, your Qlik Talend Administrator will track task logs and system health, swiftly addressing issues by creating tickets and liaising with Talend Support to uphold system integrity and performance.

Key Services include:

Talend Cloud – Talend Management Console (TMC) Operation support

  • User creation and grant required platform features
  • Talend Cloud license assignment to users
  • Environment and Workspace creation
  • Artifacts, Task and Plan management
  • Ensure Talend Jobs are running smoothly and with no issues
  • Troubleshoot jobs failures and performance degradation
  • Monitor and take necessary actions related to Cloud security updates
  • Manage Code repository and version control integration
  • Code deployment plan and promotion management

Talend Studio & Remote Engine​: Installation of Talend Studio and manage updates

  • Installation of Talend Studio and manage updates
  • Code repository and version control integration
  • Assist / Support on Talend Job build best practices
  • Troubleshoot code issues

Talend Remote Engine​

  • Sizing of VMs and Installation of Remote Engines
  • Environment design and deployment management
  • Config of Remote engines with Talend Cloud

Talend Support

  • Create Talend tickets and co-ordinate with Talend Support, for the product issues requiring Talend Support

Visual Analytics Administrator

Your Visual Analytics Administrator will oversee the organization and access of your visual analytics workspaces and related applications, managing user permissions to ensure secure and efficient operation. They are responsible for maintaining the clarity and relevance of reports and dashboards, and for monitoring the schedules of data refreshes to guarantee up-to-date analytics. Additionally, the Administrator monitors gateways for seamless data flow, creating and managing support tickets. Your Visual Analytics Administrator will coordinate the careful promotion of visual analytics assets between development and production environments and support the broader change management process to ensure that updates are smoothly integrated into existing workflows.

Key Services Include:

  • Scheduling and App Management​
  • Data Set Management​
  • Microsoft or Tableau Support​
  • Environments and Deployment Management

ALTR Data Security Management

Your managed services package includes the set-up and administration of ALTR – an automated data access governance and security solution in the Snowflake Data Cloud that makes it easy to control access and protect sensitive data, set data usage thresholds, and maintain visibility into data usage.

Key Services Include:

  • Update/create data security policies
  • Monitor data access activity
  • Ensure data logs remain operational and active controls are enforced


Our Service License Agreement provides predictable, responsive solutioning for security, compliance and performance incidents.