dbt Cloud™

Transform Your Data Where it Lives

dbt Cloud™ eliminates engineering bottlenecks by letting data teams transform data directly within the cloud data storage layer. dbt Cloud offers a centralized development experience for anyone who writes development SQL code to also safely deploy, monitor, and investigate that code – all in one web-based UI.

dbt Cloud also provides a layer of abstraction and automation that eliminates all of the setup and maintenance work required to manage data transformations at scale. Now anyone on the data team who knows SQL can own (or have more direct insight into) end-to-end transformation workflows, without filing a ticket.

Version Control and CI/CD

Deploy versioned code in dev environments, using git-enabled version control for collaboration and time travel.

Faster Development

By replacing boilerplate DDL/DML with SQL SELECT statements, dbt creates a streamlined development workflow for data transformation.

Deploy with Confidence

Observability features include in-app scheduling, logging and alerting. Version control and testing with snapshot changes support data governance.

Passerelle Offerings with dbt Cloud


dbt + Passerelle

dbt™ is a central solution to Passerelle’s data transformation approach. Dbt Cloud enables transformation at scale within organizations. As part of Data Rocket, dbt is an integrated component that accelerates deployment and increases observability of a powerful yet scalable data transformation framework. dbt’s Snowflake auditing capabilities complements Data Rocket’s Snowflake Watch dashboards.

dbt™ and dbt Cloud™ are trademarks of dbt Labs, Inc.

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