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Data management for healthcare organizations must balance the stringent requirements of highly sensitive data with the ability to interoperate and share data in highly matrixed environments. This includes ensuring compliance with data privacy and security regulations, maintaining data quality and accuracy, and integrating diverse data types across multiple systems.

Passerelle works with organizations in public health, healthcare delivery, medical claims, integrated delivery systems, and healthcare technology to provide comprehensive, secure data architecture and services. With a data lake warehouse in Snowflake, organizations can enable effective cross-organizational collaboration and ensure scalable data storage while supporting real-time data processing, advanced analytics, and robust data governance. By tackling these data management complexities, Passerelle helps healthcare organizations leverage data for improved patient care and public health outcomes.

Public Health Organizations

Public Health Organizations must handle vast quantities of diverse and sensitive data while ensuring timely, accurate, and secure information flow. To serve their communities and constituents, Public Health officials need to be able to provide clear, transparent information in a way that is easy to digest. Passerelle provides programmatic support, data engineering and analytics to state and local public health organizations, creating a manageable data governance framework for access, understanding and protection of data.

Healthcare Delivery Organizations

Passerelle helps healthcare delivery organizations establish a data management architecture that protects patient data while integrating EHR systems, so data is usable and trusted. Improved data sharing enables efficient and secure delivery and operational data for improved patient outcomes. Passerelle brings subject matter expertise and knowledge of claims (HCPS and CPT), data and transport standards to ensure interoperability (HL7), privacy and security standards to protect sensitive information (HIPAA), as well as expertise in building out modern governed and manageable data warehouse and analytic solutions.

Healthcare Technology

Passerelle works with healthcare technology solution providers to create flexible data architecture to support complex use cases that span healthcare organizations. We have been called on to deepen the data management and analytic capabilities of niche solution providers, creating a high value for our joint customers while providing a competitive advantage for their technology.

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