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Qlik, a leader in data integration and data integrity, is changing the way the world makes decisions.

Qlik transforms complex data landscapes into actionable insights, driving strategic business outcomes. Serving over 40,000 global customers, Qlik’s portfolio leverages advanced, enterprise-grade AI/ML and pervasive data quality. Qlik excels in data integration and governance, offering comprehensive solutions that work with diverse data sources. Intuitive and real-time analytics from Qlik uncover hidden patterns, empowering teams to address complex challenges and seize new opportunities. Qlik’s AI/ML tools, both practical and scalable, lead to better decisions, faster. As strategic partners, Qlik’s platform-agnostic technology and expertise make its customers more competitive.

Data Fabric

With Qlik Talend Data Fabric, businesses can connect with any data source — in the cloud, on premises, or in hybrid environments. Qlik seamlessly partners with every major cloud provider and data warehouse vendor, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Snowflake.

Data Health

Qlik Talend Data Management supports data health across an organization, combining data quality, data popularity and user-defined ratings metrics. By providing data health measurements at a glance, Qlik allows customization so users can define their valued metrics.

Data Governance

With Data Catalog and Data Stewardship, Qlik provides accessible, secure tools and connectors, with automatic data discovery and a central data cloud that encourages collaboration, and makes it easier and faster to share data with your team. A team-based workflow defines priorities and tracks progress on data projects across the organization, putting the right data in the hands of the right people.

API Integration

Qlik Talend API Services reduce infrastructure cost and keep your business future ready – learn how Material Bank used external APIs to drive 3rd party vendor sales. Collaborative design tools allow multiple people can work on the same project accelerate deployment with live previews and automated API documentation.


As Talend’s 1st US VAR, Passerelle saw Talend become a leader in cloud data integration and data integrity. With its acquisition by Qlik, Talend is a critical tool in Qlik's comprehensive data management and visualization platform. Learn more about our Qlik offerings by clicking a link below.

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Our Partnership

As Talend’s 1st US VAR, Passerelle saw Talend become a leader in cloud data integration and data integrity. With its acquisition by Qlik, Talend is a critical tool in Qlik’s comprehensive data management and visualization platform.

Qlik Talend Data Management is a cornerstone technology in Data Rocket – an end-to-end accelerated data architecture that helps businesses modernize their data infrastructure to quickly turn data to value. Data Rocket leverages Qlik Talend data integration to connect source systems to the Snowflake Data Cloud, where data is processed and transformed for visual analytics.

With Passerelle-engineered connections and workflows, Data Rocket offers immediate value that scales out with use. A pay-per-use subscription means businesses of any size can start utilizing Gartner-leading technologies that are revolutionizing the way Fortune 500 companies use data for decision-making. Qlik Talend Data Management is at the core of Data Rocket’s Data Mastering capabilities, providing an automated and streamlined process for reconciling data sets to obtain one version of the truth.

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