Snowflake Watch

Snowflake Watch

Visibility Built into Your Snowflake Data Cloud

Snowflake Watch allows Snowflake managers to quickly gauge important volumetric statistics, and drill down to query- and database-level insights with the click of a button.

With Snowflake Watch, it becomes easier to predict and plan for Snowflake consumption – with aggregate and point-in-time usage statistics. Pinpoint inefficiencies by warehouse, user or database and audit data activities performed by users, including data updates and data schema changes. Accelerate setup and security modelling.

Snowflake Watch is included in the Data Rocket subscription, or as a stand alone service.

Snowflake Watch Dashboards

Snowflake Warehouse Usage Dashboard

Track usage and cost over time to better plan your Snowflake consumption.

Snowflake Query Performance Dashboard

Gain instant visibility into Query Performance and Database stats.

Snowflake Database Setup

Unlock easy insights into Database size and Owners.

Snowflake Security Dashboard

Accelerate design of your data security model and single sign-on implementation.

Case Studies

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