Data Rocket

Data Rocket

Accelerate Your Time to Real Data Decision Making

Data Rocket® is an end-to-end data architecture solution, built on Talend and Snowflake, that delivers scalable governed data ingestion, trusted stewardship, cloud-based warehousing and on-demand visual analytics. With Data Rocket:

  • Turn Key Solution for Accelerated Deployment
  • Gartner-Leading Technology Partners
  • Customer and Institution-360 Views
  • Code Free Tools and Pay Per Use Data Architecture

Data Rocket optimizes Talend’s trusted Data Fabric with the Snowflake Data Cloud, connecting to visual analytics with Tableau or PowerBI. Streamlined connections and verified blueprints create value throughout the Data Rocket’s framework, and industry-best implementation and technical support ensure your investment is fully utilized and future-proof.

Data Rocket Accelerators

Data Quality Watch®

You can’t manage Data Quality if you can’t measure it. Data Quality Watch provides the foundation for an effective Data Governance program with automated profiling, out-of-the-box data stats and anomaly detection capabilities. Data measurements create indicators on Completeness, Accuracy, Consistency, Validity, Timeliness, Popularity and Integrity.

Mastered Data Framework

Mastering Data Accelerator provides a built-in data mastering framework for one version of the truth throughout your organization. Watch the Mastered Data Dashboard in action here.

Observe and Control Framework

Observe and Control Framework provides historic and realtime data ingestion information within Snowflake, enabling targeted, expedited troubleshooting and decreasing business outage time. Watch the Observe and Control Dashboard in action here.

Governed Dynamic Ingestion

Governed Dynamic Ingestion provides trusted, secure access throughout the data life cycle for internal and external users at scale.

ML Engine Accelerator

ML Engine Accelerator productionizes the execution of AI/ML models into the Snowflake Data Cloud and provides an ML dashboard for churn prediction and wallet share growth.

Data Marketplace Accelerator

Data Marketplace Accelerator provides predefined views linking third-party datasets and enriched with customer datasets and dashboards that slice and dice internal and third-party data to reveal actionable insights.

Enterprise Blueprints

Enterprise Blueprints modernize data infrastructure to enable Customer and Institution 360 – creating a unified view of data and supporting easy access to 3rd party data and enriched 1st party data.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance - Talend is compliant with CCPA, GDPR, and other data security and privacy regulations. Snowflake Data Cloud encrypts and securely stores data to HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type II, PCI DSS, and FedRAMP requirements.

Related Offerings

Data Rocket is a flexible integration platform built on Talend and Snowflake that can be used in any data-intensive industry. In addition to the base Data Rocket, Passerelle has added industry specific accelerators for Financial Services, Higher Education and Marketing.

Rocket for Financial Services
Cloud Highline
Mastering Data with Data Rocket

Learn more about Data Mastering with Passerelle Data Rocket. With our accelerated framework for Talend’s Data Fabric and the Snowflake Data Cloud, industry-best IP creates automated workflows for data deduping, stewardship and visualization. Use-based pricing puts Data Mastering in the hands of any business and our scalable architecture future-proofs your investment.

Data Rocket

Technology Partners

Our technology partners are industry leaders in ETL, data management, cloud storage and visual analytics. With Data Rocket, you know your data can be trusted, thanks to Talend’s data management software that allows customers to access, process, govern and manage data at the speed of business. Snowflake’s industry leading Cloud Data Platform that delivers the performance, scalability and concurrency required to allow customers to finally address the most demanding data related challenges. Depending on your use, Tableau or PowerBI provides visual analytics, democratizing data and putting it in hands of decision-makers. The Data Rocket provides nimble architecture that grows with your business.

Power BI

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