Built for your business, custom tailored to your needs. B.I. and data solutions that work for you.

Business Intelligence
What good is business intelligence if it isn’t easily accessible to decision-makers throughout your organization? Passerelle designs intuitive information ecosystems to fuel data decision-making and support business growth. Solutions-based engineering transforms raw data into actionable intelligence. Permissions-based data governance makes insights available to stakeholders throughout your organization.

Cloud Storage
Cloud, hybrid and on-prem data warehousing, integrated into your data architecture for functional, scalable storage solutions. Passerelle is your trusted partner regardless of where you are in your cloud storage journey. We can migrate your entire data ecosystem to the Snowflake Data Cloud, or optimize your existing architecture with industry-best IP and accelerators.

Data Processing
Streamlined, automated ETL gives you reliable and consistent data and reporting and democratizes data across channels. Data Mastering with Passerelle Data Rocket provides one version of the truth, enabling reliable forecasting, empowering precise marketing, and producing meaningful KPIs.

Data Analytics
Integrated technologies enable data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence for cutting edge analytics tools. Custom dashboards put reporting into the hands of decision-makers throughout your organization, regardless of their technical expertise. Accelerators drastically reduce the time to insight, providing immediate value.

Case Studies

We help businesses harness the power of their data.

National Bank
Light Health
Renewable Energy