Built for your business, custom tailored to your needs. B.I. and data solutions that work for you.

We provide solutions-based analytic, data engineering and business intelligence service, tailored to your needs. Our services accelerate implementation with proven tools, frameworks and expertise to expedite implementation and adoption. Organizations are empowered to drive action from data, with blueprints and support to empower full enablement of leading technologies.


Enterprise Data Management

Data-minded decisionmakers know the value of timely, trustworthy, data to their organization, but can be stymied by new technology and offerings – nobody wants to invest in a system that will be leapfrogged by tomorrow’s advancements. Passerelle works within your technology ecosystem, providing the expertise to future-proof investments and optimize performance of leading technology partners.

Modern Data Stack

Investing in a modern data stack is an intimidating task. Some organizations lack the in-house expertise or humanpower to overhaul or optimize data architecture. Others might be overwhelmed by the technical debt of legacy systems, and wary of the expense to replace assets. Passerelle uses solutions-based engineering to address some of the most critical needs of data-driven industries. In addition to Data Rocket™, our end-to-end accelerated data framework, we work with the leading-edge technology partners to create custom solutions.


DataOps Methodology combines the spirit of Agile Development with the operational efficiency of Lean Manufacturing. Applied to the end-to-end management of data throughout an organization, DataOps produces replicable frameworks, streamlined processes and solutions-based engineering.

AI + ML Engineering

Predictive insights use your data, alongside 3rd party data, to fuel AI and ML modeling that provide valuable insights and guideposts for decision-making. Passerelle data scientists help your organization define the right use case for ML and AI modeling, and implement the technology and architecture to meet your needs. We assist organizations with fully-baked ML engines, and those who are exploring predictive modeling for the first time.

Operational Support & Maintenance

Every piece of your data architecture should be an asset. Passerelle works with organizations to audit existing frameworks – identifying strengths, liabilities and opportunities for improvement. We make recommendations based on your business goals and provide support to ensure you can fully realize the value in your technology investment.

Case Studies

We help businesses harness the power of their data.

National Bank

Live Technical Demo

September 15 | 1 p.m. EST

Building Data Quality and Observability in the Snowflake Data Cloud

In this one-hour technical demonstration, Passerelle data engineers will showcase three Data Rocket components that support end-to-end data governance, provide automated data quality profiling, and monitor Snowflake user activity, volumetric stats and consumption data with prebuilt Snowflake Dashboards

This demo is ideal for technical users, organizations with a Talend + Snowflake footprint (or Talend + Snowflake curious), and fans of smart engineers building practical solutions.