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We like to do good work and we pride ourselves on the end result and the quality and value we provide. We work with you to identify the data you need, and the way you need it delivered. Finding the right solution for your business requires a mix of business acumen and technological savvy, and we have developed an experienced team to help with every stage of the process, from design and implementation to onboarding and ongoing support. You will have the experience of Passerelle behind you every step of the way. Meet our Leadership Team, and find out more about how we can help you. Looking to join our team?

The Team

Founder and CEO

Passerelle offers solutions for business growth and results, and with that, a team of experienced technical contributors and managers and the innovative technologies to create the right solution for our clients. Pat is at the heart of this synergy, bringing a deep understanding of the modern technologies capable of addressing today’s complex data business challenges, as well as the proven capacity to build and empower highly effective teams.

Business Development Director

Emerging technologies unlock productivity and intelligence tools for today’s business leaders, but finding the right mix of technology, infrastructure and software solutions is a daunting task. As Director of Business Development for Passerelle, Bruce Ottomano develops and implements data management and business intelligence solutions for businesses of all sizes. Part bridge builder, part dot connecter, Bruce focuses on understanding the unique needs and challenges of your business in order to deliver innovative technical resources that will help you leverage your data to grow your bottom line.

Project Director

In a dynamic and quickly changing technology landscape, today’s data management solutions must leverage the most current technology offerings while conforming to the needs and budget of our clients. Project Director Mike McDiarmid has extensive experience in managing teams who systematically deliver technical and organizational solutions that help clients get the most out of their data. Not just a master of technology, Mike’s leadership style focuses on innovation through common sense and hard work.