Date Rocket for Higher Education

Date Rocket for Higher Education

Big Data Challenges for Colleges and University Systems

Higher education institutions are data-rich by nature, but outdated infrastructure leaves potential insights stuck in silos and without institutional context. How can strategic decision-making be guided by admissions and enrollment figures, financial reporting, advancement numbers, fundraising outcomes, and employee compensation? How can higher education leaders fully leverage data to support their mission?

Data Modernization for Student Life Cycle Management and Fundraising

Passerelle Data Rocket® verifies the value and opportunities in data modernization, with industry-leading technologies, low investment overhead and proven support and proves how quickly data creates value with a modern cloud-based architecture. Within three months, you will be able to answer mission-critical questions such as:

  • Can I predict enrollment headcount based on historical trends?
  • Am I achieving 2nd year retention rate goals?
  • Where is enrollment trending up where do we need to invest?
  • How are course evaluations trending and what action do we need to take for improvement?
  • Am I attracting the optimal student profile to support our mission?
  • How is department enrollment and associated financial picture trending?
  • Is fundraising by program and annual giving on track to achieve goals?
  • Am I maximizing the value of alumni engagement activities?
  • How do I become a KPI driven culture to support strategic goal alignment across the College/University System?

What questions could data help YOU answer? How could you use your data to gain insights and guide your institution?

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What You Get in 90 Days

Know Your Ideal Student Profile
Colleges and universities must not only attract students to their institution, they must also deliver quality programming that ensures students matriculate and – ideally – become enthusiastic donors. With so many potential data sources at play, it is critical to be able to use all relevant data to make decisions – such as what kind of programs to offer, where to focus student recruitment, and how to make the most of fundraising initiatives.

Identify Areas of Opportunity
With quality data ingestion and processing, you will obtain access to standardized data sets, in order to:

  • View student, faculty and alumni interaction across your organization;
  • Redefine how your measure and assess your KPIs; and
  • Unlock new insights and create opportunities to cross reference, identify trends, outliers, and form segmented customer lists.

Maximize Cost/Value Proposition
Most higher education institutions know they need to upgrade their data architecture, but testing new technology can be overwhelming and expensive. Data Rocket allows you to experience the technology firsthand, and oftentimes, the cost-savings that come along with a pay-per-use, cloud-based model.

Date Rocket for Higher Education

How Can Data Rocket Help You?

Data Rocket empowers data democratization. Specifically, Data Rocket uses Talend on Azure to connect to a source system, land the data in Snowflake on Azure, do light processing on the data, and create a PowerBI or Tableau dashboard delivering powerful insights using your data. With uniform, trustworthy data, Data Rocket provides comprehensive institutional insights, from enrollment to course evaluations to fundraising, and the predictive analytics you need to make informed, proactive decisions. Code-free tools and pay-per-use data architecture allows you to maximize your IT resources and realize the value in your investment. Would you like to learn more? Contact us today for a free consultation.

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