Data Rocket for Financial Services

Data Rocket for Financial Services

Big Data Challenges for Financial Services

Financial institutions rely on data insights to attract and retain customers in a tech-driven world – an estimated two-thirds of customers use digital banking as a primary way to access and manage their financial assets. But outdated data and analytics infrastructure leads to nearly inaccessible data with little to no insights, and investing in data estate modernization with a full-scale data architecture and business analytics solution can be overwhelming and expensive for small and mid-sized institutions.

Data Modernization for Banking, Insurance and Capital Markets

Passerelle Data Rocket® verifies the value and opportunities in data modernization, with industry-leading technologies, low investment overhead and proven support. With Data Rocket, data becomes action with a first use case delivered in less than three months. Data Rocket helps you answer mission-critical questions such as:

  • Can I predict why customers are leaving us and prevent bad attrition?
  • Are there underperforming products or services that cause client churn?
  • What products or services are trending up that I should over-invest in?
  • How do I optimize use of resources to attract new customers?
  • What existing client profiles are the best ROI for cross-sell/upsell?
  • What are my topline cost trends and where should I focus for cost reduction?
  • How do I spot competitive threats and take early action?

What questions could data help YOU answer? How could you use your data to gain insights and guide your institution?

Data Rocket® for Financial Services

Data Quality Watch

You can’t manage Data Quality if you can’t measure it. Data Quality Watch provides the foundation for an effective Data Governance program with automated profiling, out-of-the-box data stats and anomaly detection capabilities. Data measurements create indicators on Completeness, Accuracy, Consistency, Validity, Timeliness, Popularity and Integrity.

3rd Party Data Accelerator

Data Rocket's 3rd Party Data Accelerator provides predefined views linking third-party datasets with customer data and dashboards that slice and dice internal and third-party data to reveal actionable insights. Watch how to use a dashboard to understand and grow mortgage marketshare here.

Mastered Data Framework

Mastered Data Framework streamlines mission critical data by creating a Golden Record throughout the organization, with an accelerator built on Talend Data Quality and Stewardship. Out of the box capabilities include mastering household account holders across business lines.

Audit and Control Framework

Data Stewards can perform targeted troubleshooting to identify and remedy suspect data at the source. Built-in data versioning provides data stewards the ability to go back in time to any point in the data history to pinpoint data inaccuracies.

Governed Dynamic Ingestion Framework

The Data Rocket Governed Dynamic Ingestion Framework provides predictable, highly visible ingestion using the Talend Data Management Platform, with managed CDC, preliminary data cleansing and creation of data history for each changed in source data.

AI/ML Framework

ML Engine Accelerator productionizes the execution of AI/ML models into the Snowflake Data Cloud and provides an ML dashboard for self-serve insights.

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Camden National Bank (CNB) is a nationally recognized bank that serves customers throughout New England. CNB knew that in order to keep up with increasing competition and meet customer demands, it needed to update its data architecture to quickly respond to changes in the market. Using Data Rocket, CNB has streamlined its data architecture, unlocking insights and realizing new commercial banking opportunities with third party data sets. Camden National Bank Vice President Josh Nash shares how Data Rocket has impacted Camden National Bank in this short video testimonial.

Data Rocket for Financial Services

How Can Passerelle Data Rocket Help You?

Data Rocket empowers data democratization – using Talend to connect to a source system, land the data in Snowflake, do light processing on the data, and create a PowerBI or Tableau dashboard delivering powerful insights using your data. With uniform, trustworthy data, Data Rocket™ provides the comprehensive customer insights and the predictive analytics you need to make informed, proactive decisions. Code-free tools and pay-per-use data architecture allows you to maximize your IT resources and realize the value in your investment. Would you like to learn more? Contact us today for a free consultation.

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