GrowthLoop Highline

GrowthLoop Highline

Accelerate Your GrowthLoop Journey

GrowthLoop Highline is a flat-fee consulting service for enterprise organizations with a mature data warehouse in Snowflake to prepare their data for activation in GrowthLoop. Passerelle’s service bundle – starting at $7,500 – covers 40 hours of engineering, services and consulting.

Passerelle will map data from Snowflake to Transaction, Event and Customer Tables and create a virtual data mart optimized for GrowthLoop. Passerelle will identify any gaps that cannot be addressed during the Highline (lack of time, missing data point, data deduping, etc.) that will prevent full utilization of Flywheel.

GrowthLoop Highline enables customers to start leveraging GrowthLoop visual audience builder and begin syncing to destinations in as little as one week, creating audience segments for social advertising, PPC advertising, and CRM channels that drive up-sell and cross-sell, and reduce customer churn.

Why GrowthLoop?

Unified Customer View

With unified customer data from every channel in Snowflake, decision makers throughout an organization can get self-service customer profiles and segments. Data remains governed and secure in central data warehouse.

No Code Segmentation

No Code customer segment building from a central data warehouse frees data teams from pulling lists and maintaining customer pipelines. Instead, data teams can focus on ML modeling that answers business questions and brings value to the organization.

Supercharge Existing Marketing & Sales Tools

GrowthLoop integrates data warehouse with sales, marketing and outreach tools, so organizations can continue to build on successful programs and the adoption fatigue that comes with new technology platforms.

Improved Revenue Measurement

Make better sales, marketing and outreach decisions by measuring incremental lift across customer audiences.

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