3 Step Guide to Modernization in the Snowflake Data Cloud

Learn from banking leaders at Hanscom Federal Credit Union and Renasant Bank who have put Snowflake at the center of the their data management strategies.

The Three Steps outlined in this Guide will walk you through planning, implementation and utilization of a modern data strategy in Snowflake.

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In this Blueprint Guide, we’ve featured two financial services institutions that have made the move to the Snowflake Data Cloud. We’re going to outline how (and why!) to get started down the path of data estate modernization in the Snowflake Data Cloud and show how to get started with an architecture audit and review, define use cases, and identify key stakeholders. We’ll dive deep into the essential components of a modern data management stack, built on Snowflake, and address some common concerns of banks and credit unions that are adopting new technologies.

We’ve chosen Snowflake as the core technology in this Guide, and the reason is simple. Embarking on cloud data estate modernization can be a huge undertaking, requiring stakeholder buy-in from your C-Suite to your engineering team. The effort of moving data to Snowflake is rewarded by unrivaled efficiency and security – and once your data is in the Snowflake Data Cloud, it never has to leave. With Snowflake at the center of your data architecture, you can bring applications to your data that enrich and activate it. You can create a hub for applications while maintaining one version of the truth. Best of all, you can own your data while driving business outcomes, and create a scalable framework that is built for YOUR business.

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Getting Started

Read about the key factors you should consider when outlining your modernization initiative and setting your goals, including five questions to ask when assessing your current data management practices, and how to identify data champions and first use cases.

Create a Single Version of the Truth

Learn how banking leaders laid the foundation for data governance by creating a Single Version of the Truth in the Snowflake Data Cloud. By taking data out of silos, these banks are leveraging Snowflake's native security and data management capabilities, including improved performance and scalability, secure data sharing, and easy use of advanced data applications.

Promote a Data Culture

Understand how to promote data access and data security with a modern data stack that promotes accessibility and observability of data in your organization. Discover how banks and credit unions are leveraging Snowflake to bring applications to their data - keeping data well-governed and secure.

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