Data Rocket for Marketing

Data Rocket for Marketing

Data Driven Momentum for Marketing Excellence

Marketing can make up a sizable proportion of revenue expenditure, providing the most direct channel for new customer acquisition and making the most of current customer relationships. Successful marketing initiatives must reach the right person with the right offer at the right time, and today, organizations must also consider the right medium. With business competition proliferating across verticals, and marketing channels changing at the blink of an eye, it has never been more critical for organizations to measure – and build on – the success and performance of marketing initiatives.

Data Rocket® for Marketing provides an end-to-end solution for digital transformation – enabling organizations to move data out of silos, where it can be accessed for visual analytics, customer segmentation, advanced data science and ML modeling. Unlike Customer Data Platforms that take data out of your data warehouse, Data Rocket keeps data centralized – reducing redundancy and promoting security, accessibility, and transparency.

With Data Rocket for Marketing, organizations can:

  • Invest in one data platform that scales with growth.
  • Leverage industry-best data integration, cloud warehousing, analytics, data science and customer segmentation tools.
  • Create a mature data cloud warehouse environment where trusted data is an asset.
  • Support easy integration with 3rd party and enriched 1st party data sets for enhanced customer and marketplace insights.
  • Provide clean, mastered data for customer segmentation that connects directly to marketing platforms.

What is Data Rocket for Marketing?

Data Rocket for Marketing adds GrowthLoop to the base Data Rocket offering. The result is an end-to-end digital acceleration architecture that brings data governance and accelerated insights to data-driven organizations – enabling best in class customers segmentation and engagement.

Built with Talend’s Data Fabric and the Snowflake Data Cloud, Data Rocket spurs adoption through IP, integrations and blueprints. Data Rocket connects data to custom dashboards in PowerBI or Tableau, putting visual analytics and real-time reporting in the hands of decision-makers throughout an organization and enables ML and AI use cases.

With Data Management & Governance techniques and processes applied to the entire data lifecycle, Data Rocket enables a mature Snowflake Data Cloud, with mastered, trustworthy data that is ready for immediate integration with Flywheel customer segmentation.

Data Rocket for Marketing Accelerators

GrowthLoop Quickstart

Passerelle maps data from Snowflake to Transaction, Event and Customer Tables, creating a virtual data mart optimized for GrowthLoop. GrowthLoop Quickstart jumpstarts the ability of customers to start leveraging GrowthLoop visual audience builder and begin syncing to destinations, creating audience segments for social advertising, PPC advertising, and CRM channels that drive up-sell and cross-sell, and reduce customer churn.

Data Quality Watch

Data Quality Watch provides automated profiling, with out of the box data stats and anomalies detection capabilities. Data is measured on Completeness, Accuracy, Consistency, Validity, Timeliness, Integrity and Usage.

Mastered Data Framework

Mastering Data Accelerator provides a built-in data mastering framework for one version of the truth throughout your organization.

Snowflake Data Marketplace Accelerator

Snowflake Data Marketplace Accelerator provides predefined views linking enriched 1st party and third-party datasets with customer data, using dashboards that slice and dice augmented data to reveal actionable insights.

Audit and Control Framework

Audit and Control Framework provides historic and real-time data ingestion information within Snowflake, enabling targeted, expedited troubleshooting, and decreasing business outage time.

Governed Dynamic Ingestion

Governed Dynamic Ingestion provides trusted, secure access throughout the data life cycle for internal and external users at scale.

ML Engine Accelerator

ML Engine Accelerator productionizes the execution of AI/ML models into the Snowflake Data Cloud and provides an ML dashboard for churn prediction and wallet share growth.

Enterprise Blueprints

Enterprise Blueprints modernize data infrastructure & life cycle to enable Customer and Institution 360 – creating a unified view of data and supporting easy access to 3rd party data and enriched 1st party data.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance - Talend is compliant with CCPA, GDPR, and other data security and privacy regulations. Snowflake Data Cloud encrypts and securely stores data to HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type II, PCI DSS, and FedRAMP requirements.

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