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Optimizing Components of a Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solution Provides Talend with the Trusted Data it Needs to Continue Revolutionizing the Data Integration Industry

Talend, a leader in data integration and data integrity, is changing the way the world makes decisions. Talend Data Fabric is the only platform that brings together all the data integration and governance capabilities, to simplify every aspect of working with data. Talend delivers complete, clean, and uncompromised data in real-time to all. This unified approach to data has made it possible to create the Talend Trust Score™, an industry-first innovation that instantly assesses the reliability of any data set to bring clarity and confidence to every decision. Over 5,000 organizations across the globe have chosen Talend to run their businesses on trusted data. Talend is recognized as a leader in its field by leading analyst firms and industry media. For more information, visit

Project Highlights
  • Best practices migration to Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse, increasing efficiencies and decreasing data storage cost
  • Recommended solutions to accomplish a more agile architecture
  • Optimize tool integration to eliminate inconsistencies and redundancies in data preparation methodologies
  • Tableau best practices
  • Testimonial

    “Like many of our customers, Talend internally is on a data journey of its own. At Talend, we are not immune to the struggles that many companies face as we strive to enable data-driven culture of decision making. We know, this year especially, that adapting to change at a faster pace is more critical than ever before. We engaged Passerelle, a trusted partner, to help us fine-tune our BI stack that includes world-class technologies from Talend, Snowflake and Tableau from better to best. The audit and partnership help to fine-tune our implementations so that we could increase our trust in the data. With a focus primarily on Data Governance, Passerelle helped us remove friction and increase transparency throughout our data pipeline from data ingestion to business insights consumption. Now, we are better equipped to anticipate challenges, pivot faster, and act with confidence.”

    Amy McQuaid – Former Director of Enterprise Analytics at Talend

    Project Details


    You don’t become an industry standard-bearer by resting on your laurels, and Talend technology leaders needed to optimize its data analytics platform to meet data decision-making needs and scale to become a billion dollar company. Talend called on integrator Passerelle, a Talend Gold Partner for three years running, to perform a systems check and ensure all components worked together optimally.


    Passerelle performed a holistic survey of Talend’s data architecture – including Talend’s own data integration tooling, Snowflake’s Cloud Data Warehouse and Tableau’s visual analytics – to understand system strengths and opportunities for improvement. Passerelle engineers optimized the implementation and utilization of each tool, with an eye toward data governance that empowers and enables data decision-making.

    Data Integration

    Passerelle helped Talend identify areas for improvement in its current data integration approach and recommended solutions to
    accomplish a more agile architecture.

  • Implement a methodology to report and visualize job stats.
  • Implement custom Error logging and traceability mechanism.
  • Streamline error reporting process to cut down on noise and prioritize critical issues.
  • Data Security

    Data security is not just restricting access – the right data governance tools ensure data-decision makers across an organization can access the data they need when they need it. Passerelle helped Talend complete its migration to Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse, increasing efficiencies and decreasing data storage cost.

  • Document data retention and archival policy, which facilitates in stability of performance, as data warehouse ages.
  • Document data recovery / correction strategy, for fixing or restoring data in the event of data corruption.
  • Data Preparation

    To have trusted data, data must be prepared with the right tool for scale and efficiency. Passerelle helped Talend optimize how tools worked together and eliminate inconsistencies and redundancies in data preparation methodologies.

  • Implement business analytics modeling and semantic layer to enable the right people to see and manipulate data they are authorized to access.
  • Shift to a shared data set model to enable Tableau users to access one version of the truth to get business insights.
  • Made recommendations to use Talend’s Data Preparation to optimize data transformations.
  • Data Visualization

    With experience building end-to-end business intelligence solutions, Passerelle was a trusted partner for making the most of Tableau’s reporting and visual analytics capabilities to deliver the most insights to the most people.

  • Implement an efficient Tableau/Analytics delivery model to overcome current challenges and utilize Tableau to maximum for achieving greater value.
  • Create security model for authorized information access within Tableau.
  • Assess and implement cross matrix model, fostering empowerment, budgeting and operations accountability under team who is responsible and has expert knowledge of the Tableau platform.
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