Snowflake Query Performance Dashboard

Snowflake Query Performance Dashboard

Instant Visibility of Snowflake Queries for Optimized Performance

The Snowflake Query Performance Dashboard provides instant visibility of key Snowflake stats. In this animated gif, you will see how you can view:

  • Query performance dashboard view provides key insights of queries processed by Snowflake, stats such as:
  • +Trend of # Queries by time period
    +Trend of Avg. Query execution time
    +Trend of estimated snowflake cost associated to queries processing

  • Query stats can be drilled down to specific type of query, such as Alter statements, Delete statements, inserts, etc.
  • Can look at details of all failed queries
  • Query stats by user, by warehouse size, database, etc.
  • Query details views provide more details, such as queue time, rows read, processed, bytes scanned, etc. associated to each query
  • For failed queries, user can also get the reason for query failure, error messages