Snowflake Security Setup Dashboard

Snowflake Security Setup Dashboard

Filterable mapping of roles and objects

The Snowflake Security Setup Dashboard provides one place to view permissions across your organization. Users can filter by Role, Database, Object or Privilege. The Dashboard supports accelerated design of the data security model and single sign on implementation by using Data Rocket’s Security Framework for Snowflake.

In this animated gif, you will see:

  • Security setup view of Snowflake dashboard provides mapping of Snowflake user roles to snowflake objects such as Database, Warehouse, Schema, etc.
  • By selecting the one or more Roles from “ROLE” filter we can easily visualize and know, which of databases, warehouse, schema, or others it has access to it
  • We can click in visual to know specific mapping associated to a selected role
  • Role and Object security mapping is listed in tabular format in Details tab