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Passerelle 2022 Year in Review

Passerelle Year in Review 2022

The last year was marked by growth and development at Passerelle. As we look toward the new calendar year, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate some of 2022’s highlights and achievements. Thanks for being part of our journey – we are looking forward to seeing what the new year will bring. 

Data Rocket® 

While 2021 saw the launch of Data Rocket’s subscription model, 2022 saw Data Rocket expand its footprint in organizations and across verticals. Data Rocket’s new modules have been guided by subscriber insights and requests and developed by our talented team of engineers and data architects. As a result, 2022 brought the addition several of new Data Rocket features, adding value and relevance for new and existing clients. 

Data Rocket in State Government and Public Health 

In August, Data Rocket landed its first state government deployment with a state department of health and human services. As a fundamental component of the department’s data architecture, Data Rocket increased cloud data processing capacity with lower cost and less maintenance than the previous RDS cloud storage solution. The first phase of implementation recreated the warehouse data in Snowflake, to familiarize analysts with the Snowflake environment as they transition to their new technology.  The second phase will be to deprovision the current cloud RDBMS and move permanently to Snowflake as part of Data Rocket. 

Data Rocket Expands footprint in Financial Services with New Subscribers and Targeted Modules  

In addition to the core Data Rocket offering that provides a data estate modernization platform for any industry, Passerelle created Data Rocket for Financial Services. With industry specific modules and accelerators for banks and credit unions, Data Rocket for Financial Services saw an immediate response from banking leaders.  

Woman uses ATM

The vertical focus is being celebrated by Talend and Snowflake, and for good reason. In 2022, Data Rocket for Financial Services continued it’s expension with regional banks across the United States. Along with a scalable architecture that moves financial services institutions away from a hub and spoke model and toward a more flexible, modernized, scalable data framework, Data Rocket for Financial Services includes preconfigured dashboards for use with Equifax and Segmint data and a Segmint/Core integration component that deanonymizes Segmint’s enriched 1st party data with a bank or credit union’s core banking data.  

Data Rocket for Financial Services provides tooling and blueprints to help banks and credit unions adapt and succeed in a rapidly changing technology and customer experience environment where data accessibility is paramount. 

Data Rocket is deployed with a use-case based model that ensures banks and credit unions can see immediate value in their investment. Learn how Berkshire Bank utilizes Data Rocket as a critical component of its digital transformation initiatives ), and how Camden National Bank uses Data Rocket to put data in the hands of business line users for better decision making.

In 2023, Passerelle will look to develop prebuilt connectors for commonly used loan origination platforms as well as a suite of core banking analytics and dashboards focusing on Deposit and Loan Performance Monitoring; Channel and Product Profiles, Branch Transaction volumes and trends to assist with staffing decisions, as well as Attrition patterns and forecasting as part of Data Rocket for Financial Services. 

Data Rocket Releases Data Quality Watch 

In August, Passerelle released Data Quality Watch for Data Rocket – the most anticipated new feature of the year. Data Quality Watch provides an automated solution for measuring data quality and usability. Data Quality metrics are configured to meet the specific needs of an organization based on Data Integrity, Data Consistency, Data Completeness, Data Timeliness and Data Popularity. Results can be viewed on Data Quality Watch dashboards in PowerBI or Tableau.  

Data Quality Watch is available to all Data Rocket subscribers. In 2023, Passerelle will add Data Quality Custom Rules to the Data Quality Watch feature. With Custom Rules, data stewards can define and apply business validation rules to the Data Quality Watch model, and use output to measure data compliance. 

Data Rocket Named Partner Product of the Year 

In March, Talend announced Data Rocket was its America’s 2021 Partner Solution of the Year. Talend chose Data Rocket as a first-in-kind solution that provides an agile digital transformation solution for end-to-end data management.  

Partner Ecosystem 

Passerelle spent time on the road in 2022 – first to Snowflake Summit, then to events in Toronto, Austin and New York. Data management is an exciting place to be and seeing the energy and innovation at each of these events motivates us to keep driving for technology excellence.  

One way we continue to develop practical and strategic solutions for our customers is by expanding our partner ecosystem – in 2022, we welcomed two new partners into our technology stack. 


ALTR logo

ALTR provides a streamlined SaaS platform for data access and security. ALTR’s no-code UI lets users create data access controls, authorization access rules, and set limits on how data can be consumed. Additionally, users can move highly sensitive data with ALTRs tokenization-as-a-service that keeps data safe, but usable. For Snowflake customers, ALTR has a free integration with the Data Cloud that includes automated data discovery and classification, data usage analytics dashboards and column- and row-level access controls.  

dbt cloud™ 

Logo for DBT labs

dbt cloud offers simplified data transformation and the ability to develop, test and deploy new data models from at scale from within the Snowflake Data Cloud. As part of Data Rocket’s Data Transformation Framework, dbt cloud is a dynamic tool for cloud data management, data quality and data ops. Passerelle recently released dbt cloud integration, and will continue to optimize Talend + dbt integrations for end-to-end data governance.  

Highline Offerings 

While Data Rocket provides a holistic data management solution, sometimes organizations need help solving one specific problem, or implementing one new technology component. To respond to those needs, Passerelle engineers created Highline Offerings – a flat-fee consulting and engineering bundle with applications for marketing, financial services and cloud migration.  

Talend Highline Migration 

Formally Talend Quickstart, Passerelle’s Talend Highline Migration provides end-to-end migration to the Talend Cloud and engineering support starting from $6,000. Highline Migration includes assessment and planning, with custom tools that cut assessment time in half. Assessments include categorized assets, a detailed analysis of cost-to-cloud and a pre-migration check list. Passerelle’s migration support helps organizations stay on time and on budget. 

Flywheel Highline 

Flywheel Highline helps organizations get ready for Flywheel implementation, with 40 hours of engineering, services and consulting. During the Highline, Passerelle engineers will map data from Snowflake to Transaction, Event and Customer Tables and create a virtual data mart optimized for Flywheel. Passerelle will identify data quality issues that could prevent full utilization of Flywheel. 

Segmint Highline 

Segmint Highline provides a turnkey solution for banks and credit unions that lack the technical resources to fully leverage Segmint’s industry-best customer insights with enriched 1st party data. With Segmint Highline, Passerelle deanonymizes Segmint KLI data and pulls it into any data warehouse. Prebuilt dashboards for specific use cases include competitive analysis and risk assessment. Segmint Highline data is refreshed daily and can be used alongside core banking data and 3rd party data for a better KYC picture. Flat fee pricing provides proven value through a single use case, and a clear roadmap for expanding the technology footprint. 

Customer Success 

We are only as successful as our valued customers, and we take great pride in watching our clients use data to adapt, grow and thrive. Material Bank is a stellar example for how organizations can turn data to action. With an innovative business model and executive creativity driving explosive growth on multiple fronts and across the globe, Material Bank uses Talend Cloud API services and Passerelle engineering to keep data flowing at scale. With Passerelle and Talend, Material Bank can respond to demand growth for products and services and expand rapidly in international markets such as Japan and Europe—while also expanding its business model to address the needs of new customers and major brands in the design and architecture industries, including Home Depot, TileBar, Ethan Allen, and more. To honor is ability to use scale data to accelerate business expansion, Material Bank was named one of Talend’s Data Masters for 2022

We look forward to building on 2022’s success in the coming year, and thank all of our customers and technology partners for your partnership and support.

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