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Passerelle Partners with dbt Labs™ for Leading Edge Data Transformation

Passerelle has partnered with dbt Labs to offer data transformation at scale for organizations at any stage of digital transformation.

As part of the partnership, Passerelle is building integrations between Talend and dbt Cloud, ensuring data quality from ingestion to analytics. Additionally, dbt Cloud is an integrated component of Data Rocket’s data transformation framework.

“Every once in a while a tool comes along that our engineers are really excited to use – dbt is one of those tools. With dbt, data transformation is simplified and highly scalable,” Passerelle CEO Pat Dionne said.

dbt supports faster data model development using simple SQL statements. Data models can be deployed with confidence: thanks to dbt’s automated testing, checkpoints prior to data model execution alert developers to any changes that could break an existing model. Automatically generated dependency graphs make data lineage visible and easy to troubleshoot.

dbt complements Data Rocket™ – Passerelle’s accelerated data stack built on Talend and Snowflake.

“One in five Snowflake customers is a Talend customer,” Pat said. “dbt is the right tool for enterprise data transformation, and it works seamlessly with Talend, directly in the Snowflake Data Cloud.”

dbt partner manager Ryan McGibony said Passerelle aligns with the dbt Labs’ mission to enable the creation and dissemination of organizational knowledge.

“dbt is a framework that makes data transformation accessible to a broader set of practitioners. Getting the full business value from dbt means working with multiple tools, and we are grateful to partner with skilled consultants like Passerelle who can advise on that multifaceted technology implementation,” Ryan said.

Passerelle’s current implementations of dbt are creating efficiencies for enterprise use cases in manufacturing, logistics, and financial services – and this is just the beginning.

Building out integrations with Talend and dbt, Passerelle is planning to create ready to use data models for specific verticals, including regional banking and healthcare.

“With the right tools, we can continue to bring value and innovation to our clients,” Pat said.

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