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Passerelle Partners with ALTR for Automated Data Access Control and Security in the Cloud

Passerelle is partnering with ALTR to deliver the best data access control and security to our Snowflake customers who need to move sensitive data to the cloud securely.

Founded in 2014, ALTR initially focused on the complex challenges of data privacy and security in trading technology. Developers quickly discovered their SaaS offering could work in a variety of industries where enterprise data security was paramount.

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Today, ALTR is deployed in hundreds of companies, with an expanding footprint in financial services, healthcare, logistics, retail, and life sciences.

Foundationally, ALTR lets organizations see what data is used and who is using data, with unparalleled control and visibility into how sensitive data is used through an organization. With a no-code UI that provides the ability to create data access controls, ALTR not only creates authorization access rules, it sets limits on how data can be consumed so organizations can limit exposure to large scale data leaks. Additionally, ALTR enables movement of highly sensitive data with tokenization-as-a-service that keeps data safe, yet meaningful to use.

Passerelle CEO Pat Dionne said ALTR’s streamlined approach to data access and security will make an immediate impact to the data governance programs of current and prospective customers.

“ALTR is a great fit to our partner ecosystem, bringing simplicity and elegance to the mission-critical task of data security and control,” Pat said.

Not only easy to use, ALTR’s SaaS platform allows for a pricing model that makes it accessible to organizations of any size – with a free base level subscription that includes automated data discovery and classification, data usage analytics dashboards and column- and row-level access controls.

“ALTR understands businesses need flexible tools that can scale with growth,” Pat said. “Their pricing model aligns with our desire to bring value to all our customers – from start-ups to enterprise organizations.”

ALTR co-founder and CTO Chris Struttmann said Passerelle’s focus on purpose-driven engineering provides a natural partnership. “We look for partners that share our values and our desire to solve real business problems,” said Struttmann. “With Data Rocket, Passerelle has created an end-to-end solution to promote observability throughout the data life cycle, from ingestion to data science applications. ALTR provides visibility into data use directly in the Snowflake Data Cloud as well as row-level policies, rate limiting, tokenization and other protections for sensitive data. Together, ALTR and Passerelle offer a comprehensive, scalable and secure data stack.”

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