Segmint Highline Accelerator

Segmint Highline Accelerator

Pre-Built Dashboards for Retail Banking, Mortgage Lending and Commercial Banking

With Segmint Highline, Passerelle pulls Segmint KLI data into an organization’s data warehouse, where it is viewable with a prebuilt, use-case specific PowerBI dashboard. Segmint Highline data is refreshed daily and can be used alongside core banking data and 3rd party data for a better KYC picture. Flat fee pricing provides proven value through a single use case, and a clear roadmap for expanding the technology footprint.

Recapture Account Holder Wallet Share

Identify individuals with credits cards, auto loans, home mortgages, or money market accounts at competitive institutions.

Grow Business Lending

Identify competitive business loans and spending activity for growth of business lending.

Increase Debit Card Swipes

Measure debit card utilization to increase debit card swipes.

Create Targeted Marketing Initiatives

Know Your Account Holder to make the right offer at the right time, with dashboards that pair information about spending, lifestyle, demographics, and more.

Define Your Use Case

Do you have a specific use case in mind? Passerelle will build a dashboard to meet your specific business-line use case.


Using Account Holder Data to Drive Growth

How can regional banks use account holder spending data to recapture loans and mortgages with other providers? How can marketing teams use customer insight data to grow business in investment products, auto loans or business checking accounts?

Segmint is a world leader in enriching a financial institution’s data so it usable and actionable. By connecting transaction data to Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLIs), Segmint provides unique insights into account holder financial behaviors, spend patterns, merchant activity and product utilization with competing services and institutions.

Passerelle bridges data to action, with tactical offerings and a use-case first methodology that accelerates time to value. To empower financial services institutions to marry Segmint KLI insights with core banking data, operational data and 3rd party data, Passerelle created Segmint Highline. Segmint Highline makes data ready to be used and viewable through a prebuilt PowerBI or Tableau dashboard and provides proof of value through a single use case, to be determined by the bank or credit union and delivered within one month.

Segmint Highline allows financial services institutions to immediately mine the value of Segmint’s enriched first-party data from within their data warehouse with a minimal technology investment. Once value is established, Segmint Highline provides a clear roadmap for expanding the technology footprint. Ready to learn more? Request a consultation.