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Garbage In, Garbage Out – 3 Tools to Avoid a Data Swamp

Representation of a Data Swamp

The benefits of an infinitely elastic Snowflake Data Cloud are immense – but organizations must be proactive to create a functional data warehouse where data is trusted, visible and usable.

Data Governance throughout the Data Life Cycle

Data Rocket was created to give organizations at any stage of digital transformation the tools and methodologies to introduce data governance at every stage of the data life cycle – from ingestion to advanced data applications.

Data-driven organizations understand the importance of trusted data that creates a positive feedback loop, inspiring increased utilization and better results. The alternative – untrusted data – can stifle digital transformation and derail technology adoption. Passerelle has developed three tools that build data quality and observability into the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Governed Dynamic Ingestion

The Governed Dynamic Ingestion Framework leverages Talend’s Data Fabric in an automation component that accelerates time to ingest multiple source tables of relational databases or data files or REST APIs, saving both upfront and future maintenance cost and effort.

Data Rocket’s Governed Dynamic Ingestion Framework provides predictable, highly visible data ingestion from any source system to the Snowflake Data Cloud, with managed CDC, dynamical adaptation to data structure changes and creation of data history for every change in source data.

See how the Governed Dynamic Ingestion Framework can dynamically adjust tables in the Snowflake Staging layer.

Data Quality Watch

Introducing Data Quality Watch – Data Rocket’s newest component that provides automated data profiling and anomaly detection. Data Quality Watch measures operational, inventory, or customer data for integrity, completeness, consistency, timeliness, and popularity – configured by data set for your specific needs.

Snowflake Watch

Snowflake Watch provides visibility into Snowflake operations, with dashboards for Warehouse Utilization, Query Performance, Security Setup and Database Stats. With Snowflake Watch, Snowflake owners/admins can quickly gauge key volumetric stats, audit user activity with customizable visual dashboards, and drill down to the query- and user-level for deeper insights.

Data Rocket connects data to ready-to-use dashboards in PowerBI or Tableau, and puts visual analytics and real-time reporting in the hands of decision-makers throughout an organization. To see these components in action, register for our Sept. 15 webinar.

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