Segmint is the world leader in making transaction data usable and meaningful for financial institutions. Powered by data scientists and artificial intelligence, Segmint’s innovative product line offers a variety of ways to optimally use bank and credit union data to deepen relationships and grow business. Segmint offerings include Merchant Payment Cleansing, and customer insights, AI modeling and marketing automation through Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLIs).

Merchant Payment Cleansing

Merchant Payment Cleansing demystifies transaction data, matching raw transaction data with human-verified merchant names and information.

Key Lifestyle Indicators (KLIs)

After transactional data has passed through Merchant Payment Cleansing, Segmint connects data to KLIs, providing unique insights into an account holder’s unique financial behaviors, spending patterns and spending activity with competing services and institutions.

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How Financial Services Institutions Can Drive Account Growth through Digital Transformation

Learn how digital transformation can drive new business, improve customer service, and respond to changing marketplace demands. We will hear from Peter Love, Chief Digital Officer at Berkshire Bank, about Berkshire’s ongoing 5-year digital transformation project. With its digital transformation, Berkshire has achieved data independence - moving beyond the constraints of an external data warehouse and making data assets available to business users throughout the organization. Additionally, guests will hear how Segmint data solutions are easily accessible to organizations of any size with the Snowflake Data Marketplace.

Segmint + Passerelle

Passerelle is a reseller of Segmint data solutions, including Merchant Payment Cleaning and Key Lifestyle Indicators. Segmint brings enriched 1st party data to the Data Rocket for Financial Services, with prebuilt dashboards to identify market growth opportunities for consumer loans. To empower financial services institutions to realize the power of MPC and KLI data insights, Passerelle offers Segmint Quickstart – a flat-fee engineering solution to land data from Segmint into an existing data warehouse. Starting at $10,000, Segmint Quickstart includes 40 hours of engineering.

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