Audit and Control Dashboard

Audit and Control Dashboard

Quick Visibility of Dynamic Ingestion and Data Transformation Process

Data Rocket’s Audit and Control dashboard helps Data Engineers and IT get quick insights of the Dynamic Ingestion and Data Transformation process. With the Audit and Control Dashboard, stakeholders can quickly identify and troubleshoot any errors associated to job failures or Job performance decline and get key volumetric stats.

In this animated gif, you will see the following:

  • User can choose Jobs stats for a specific time period, as an example: last two years
  • Get to know status of each Job Batch execution, such as Date of job run, which data was processed, duration of the execution and volume of data processed
  • Can visually drill down to specific batch of concern, and get to know which database, schema and tables were involved
  • Further drill-through is made to get more of the execution process
  • Can filter to specific stage of data process – Transient or persistence layer
  • Look at process for delta (Changes data) process
  • At any change user can review and adjust the configuration, if necessary, related to Data Rocket’s dynamic ingestion process