What is a Modern Data Stack?

What should you look for in a modern data stack? Should you deploy a Data Hub or Data Lake strategy? How can you connect internal data to 3rd party data? Is Digital Transformation for everyone?

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What You Will Learn

What to look for in a modern Data stack

Learn about the critical components in digital transformation.

Why invest in a modern data Stack

Understand the value in scalability, future readiness, and how to create transformation champions in your organization.

Choosing a cloud data strategy

Data lake, data hub, or data warehouse? What if you could have the best parts of all three?

Data Rocket

Learn about the Accelerated Modern Data Stack that starts to deliver value in the first 40 hours of implementation.

Hear from Digital Transformation Champions

Passerelle’s Data Rocket™ is an acceleration architecture that modernizes data infrastructure and delivers critical business insights – securely and accessibly. Data Rocket puts industry-best data technology in the hands of businesses of any size, unlocking dynamic ingestion, data mastering and 3rd party data integration. 

Learn how clients in financial services, higher education and energy are using Data Rocket to fuel account growth, inform better customer service, and respond to changing market demands.

Getting Started is Easy

Data Rocket unlocks tools and capabilities for enterprise-minded institutions, including:

  • Governed Dynamic Ingestion
  • Audit and Control Framework
  • Data Quality Watch
  • Data Marketplace Accelerator
  • Mastered Data Framework
  • Productionized AI/ML

Ready to get started? Passerelle offers a complimentary technology assessment, offering a roadmap for implementation and recommended use cases to verify immediate value. 


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