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Ameresco Renewable Energy

Ameresco Renewable Energy

A real-time, operational dashboard gives Ameresco remote monitoring of its power plants' output and efficiency.

Ameresco is a leading independent provider of comprehensive energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions for facilities throughout North American and the UK. Ameresco’s leadership desired a visual prototype which could provide a clean and informative monitoring platform capable of presenting key performance indicators (KPIs) for each of its power plants across the United States.

Project Highlights
  • Improved power plant remote monitoring capabilities provide real-time monitoring.
  • Proof-of-concept system engineered to meet specific data management and delivery needs.
  • Complete, information-based KPI results facilitate data decision-making.
  • Clean and simple interface supports data democratization.
  • Completed the project within desired time and budget.

Passerelle was able to take a very rough idea and create a functional and easy to use platform that we can expend. We are now able to remotely monitor our power plants in real-time, saving us valuable time and resources. I would not hesitate to contact Passerelle when in need of an innovative solution and an effective team.

Rob Meghart / Engineer Systems and Controls, Ameresco

Project Details


  • Develop an evolutionary proof-of-concept system
  • Ensure complete, effective, information-based results
  • Work within a tight budget and time constraints
  • Create a clean and simple user interface


  • A consolidated monitoring platform for multiple power plants, Passerelle implemented a web-based interface by leveraging Google Maps API in combination with JavaScript, PHP and My SQL. Passerelle built the prototype for the operational dashboard to clearly display Ameresco’s desired KPIs. This dashboard allows them to effectively monitor the power plants in real-time. The Passerelle team continues to play a supportive role to the Ameresco’s engineers by providing additional development and support for the operational dashboard.
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