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Demo: Snowflake Watch Dashboards

In this ten minute demo, see Passerelle’s Snowflake Watch Dashboards in action. With Snowflake Watch, organizations gain clear visibility into their Snowflake Data Cloud in order to monitor Warehouse Usage, Snowflake Query Performance, Snowflake Security Set Up and Database Stats. Snowflake Watch Video Transcript Hello, my name is Sarah Davis and I’m a consultant with… Continue reading Demo: Snowflake Watch Dashboards

3 Ways to Avoid “Fool’s Gold” in the Rush to Better Data

If data is the new gold, technologies that promise to deliver value are like a prospector’s tools. Used correctly, the tools can unlock insights and drive data decision-making. But attempting to undergo data transformation without the right tools or know-how can lead to unusable data – fool’s gold.   Most modern data analytics platforms are built with scalable components that comprehensively meet the needs of data management in an organization. Components of a modern data analytics platform include:  Data integration –… Continue reading 3 Ways to Avoid “Fool’s Gold” in the Rush to Better Data