Modern Data Stack

Modern Data Stack

Solutions-Based Engineering for Data-Driven Industries

Investing in a modern data stack is an intimidating task. Some organizations lack the in-house expertise or humanpower to overhaul or optimize data architecture. Others might be overwhelmed by the technical debt of legacy systems, and wary of the expense to replace assets. But the cost of operating outdated systems can be profound – the money spent on human capital and servers to run on-premise data storage could be a drop in the bucket compared to the opportunity cost created by unscalable architecture and data that can’t be trusted.

Passerelle uses solutions-based engineering to address some of the most critical needs of data-driven industries. In addition to Data Rocket®, our end-to-end accelerated data framework, we work with the following leading-edge technology partners to create custom solutions:

  • Talend
  • Snowflake
  • Tableau
  • dbt labs™
  • ALTR
  • Flywheel
  • SqlDBM
  • Dataiku
  • Passerelle engineers work with you throughout the implementation and optimization of your technology stack, so you can begin to see the value in your investment immediately. We facilitate a seamless transition from legacy systems with proven accelerators and frameworks, and trusted support after we’ve handed you the keys.

    Solutions-Engineered Modern Data Stack

    Solutions Accelerators

    Passerelle’s Data Rocket™ is an end-to-end acceleration architecture that modernizes data infrastructure and delivers critical business insights - securely and accessibly. Data Rocket™ puts industry-best data technology in the hands of businesses of any size, unlocking dynamic ingestion, data mastering, 3rd party data, and ML and AI applications. In addition to Data Rocket™, Passerelle has engineered solutions that address common business needs out of the box, including 3rd party data ingestion, cloud migration, and ML integration.

    Dynamic Ingestion

    Passerelle’s Dynamic Data Ingestion framework is an automation component that accelerates time to ingest multiple source tables of relational databases or data files or REST APIs, saving both upfront and future maintenance cost and effort. The data ingestion process is driven by metadata that is configurable by the client. Along with the data ingestion process, Passerelle’s Dynamic Ingestion Framework establishes a fast-paced, consumable data lake.

    Data Quality

    Data quality can be compromised when data isn’t handled uniformly – but it is essential for all users in an organization to be able to work with the data they need, when they need it. Passerelle builds data quality campaigns that identify data quality issues at the analytics level, with automated pipelines to solve incongruencies at the source level. Our solutions bridge the needs of business analysts and data engineers, so data can become a team sport.

    Visibility - Audit and Control Framework

    Passerelle’s Audit & Control Framework captures and records job execution stats, introducing an auditing approach for evaluating various aspects of Job operations. The Framework saves time to debug and fix issues by providing quick insights for operational troubleshooting and system health check. Audit results are presented in a dashboard to provide a clear picture regarding data growth and job execution performance trend. Plan for scalability with analysis of volumetric stats, and trust ingestion and processing.

    Delivery of POCs with New Technologies

    Passerelle takes the guess work out of investing in a modern data stack – delivering POC architecture that leverages your assets to show the immediate value of an enterprise data warehouse. With a use case in hand and scalable architecture in place, your organization can expand a modern data stack that responds to changing market conditions, unlocks actionable insights, and drives data decision-making in your organization.  

    Data Rocket - a Prebuilt Data Stack for Accelerated Results

    Rocket for Financial Services
    Rocket for Marketing
    Partners in Digital Transformation

    Hear from Peter Love, the Chief Digital Officer at Berkshire Bank, about how Passerelle was a vital partner in the bank's digital transformation.

    Case Study

    Dimagi + Data Rocket

    Learn how public health innovators Dimagi used Data Rocket to support CommCare, a no-code, drag-and-drop app builder used to build custom solutions that help frontline healthcare workers collect accurate data and deliver more meaningful services.

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