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Passerelle’s New Logo Affirms Engineering Ethos

A Passerelle is a bridge – spanning water, open expanses, cityscapes, or simply connecting a vessel to shore. At Passerelle, we bridge Data to Action.  

From the first Roman Aqueducts to the Brooklyn Bridge, the principals of building a bridge haven’t changed over millennia. Materials change and tools evolve, but bridges that stand the test of time are built with care and respect for structural fundamentals.  

We are proud to launch Passerelle’s new logo, a nod to the simplicity of the arch bridge and a testament to our commitment to purpose-built data architecture. We engineer to last, bringing principals of the physical world to lay a strong foundation for data strategy. 

Passerelle worked with Owl’s Head Solutions, an award-winning creative agency based in Midcoast Maine, for the logo design. Owl’s Head Creative Director Sam Schick said the logo was inspired by Passerelle’s values. 

“We were working toward a logo that would feel instantly timeless, self-possessed and knowing, embodying Passerelle’s own earned experience and inspired competence,” Sam said. “We knew that the mark should, like Passerelle, not be overly engineered or further complicate the conversation, and just as sure that it should not be a cliché, off-the-rack visualization of “data.” Passerelle’s logo had to be crisp and striking, and help the company stand out amongst its peers with an unexpected, innovative, and charming solution that cleverly signifies digital transformation.” 

With this launch, Passerelle reaffirms the ethos of our solution engineering. 

Our Engineering and System Architecture is: 

  • Usable – Designed with Purpose and Intention 
  • Elegant – Smart, yet Simple 
  • Sustainable – Built to Last 

In the physical and digital world, the beauty of bridges is first and foremost their functionality – the strength to allow the right load to pass over, the flexibility to permit the necessary materials to flow through, and the engineering to withstand both burdens. 

Passerelle engineers work within data ecosystems to make data usable, trusted and secure. For data to drive outcomes, it should be supported by engineering and architecture that responds to the needs of today, with growth and change of tomorrow. 

Are you looking for practical data engineering that solves real business problems? Contact us today.  

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