Equifax differentiated data and leading-edge analytics provide powerful insights that enable companies to deliver smarter revenue and a better customer experience.

As a global data, analytics, and technology company, Equifax plays an essential role in the economy by helping companies in diverse industries such as automotive, communications, utilities, financial services, fintech, healthcare, insurance, mortgage, professional services, retail, e-commerce, and government agencies, make critical decisions with greater confidence. The company’s unique blend of data and analytics helps organizations optimize their business across the customer journey so they can say ‘yes’ more.

In 2021, Equifax partnered with Snowflake to make its differentiated data sets available on Snowflake Data Marketplace. Equifax currently has seven data sets available for consumption directly through the Data Marketplace.


127M US and international active and marketable businesses including firmographics, industry, revenue, corporate linkages, diversity data, and more. Use this dataset to create “best customer” profiles, build prospect lists, perform customer segmentation, enrich CRM, and track supplier spend to improve purchasing leverage. Data is provided at the business level, and updated monthly.

Economic Insights

Estimated financial measures of income, affluence, spending power, ability to pay, financial durability, and credit needs/usage. Use individually or layered to better understand which consumers have the financial profile for your brand, products and services. Customers using these measures have seen a 21% increase in conversion. Data is provided at ZIP11 level, and updated twice annually.

Real Property Insights

U.S. residential data including housing characteristics, values, purchase transactions, home equity, mortgage. Use this dataset to analyze markets, build prospect lists, align offers, determine market risk, and enhance models. Property and mortgages have a high correlation with consumer behaviors such as credit card acquisition and utilization, auto purchase, and home services. Data is provided at ZIP11 level, and updated monthly.

Credit Trends™

Anonymized trade data for multiple consumer loan types, including automotive, installment, revolving, residential, student loans. Use this dataset to proactively adjust targeting and segmentation strategies, risk scores, valuations and more based on current performance, behaviors and trends across the broader consumer credit market. Data is provided at the ZIP level, and updated monthly.

Analytic Data Set

10% sample of granular, loan-level data across credit cycles, asset classes and geographies. Use this dataset to analyze and model consumer payment performance, monitor equity and fixed income exposures, and enhance models. Data is provided at the ZIP level, and updated monthly.

Healthcare SDOH Insights

Curated neighborhood-level economic, property and business data to inform social determinants of health initiatives. Healthcare providers and payers use this dataset to better understand the socio-economics influencing the communities they serve to inform strategies, improve patient care outcomes, and help reduce costs. Data is provided at the ZIP level, and updated twice annually.

Transportation Spend Data

North American freight spend data covering 56M business A/R tradelines, totaling ~ $1.3T. Use this dataset to gain visibility into transportation spending trends by company or by segment to manage against potential business risks and to optimize your supply chain. Data is provided at the business level, and updated quarterly.

Using Data to Grow Mortgage Market Share with Data Rocket + Equifax

Learn how Data Rocket enables market share analysis using Equifax's Credit Trends™ data set. Data Rocket's preconfigured dashboard for Tableau or PowerBi creates views which blend aggregations of a bank’s data warehouse data with Equifax data, showing commercial leaders the largest concentrations of market activity and market share.

Equifax + Passerelle

With a commitment to making the most relevant 3rd party data sets easy to integrate and use in the Snowflake Data Cloud, Equifax is a critical component of Passerelle’s Data Rocket for Financial Services, and a trusted data solutions partner. As an Accelerated Modern Data Stack built on Snowflake and Talend, Data Rocket supports a mature cloud environment where internal data is trusted and well-governed – ready to integrate with Equifax data for unmatched customer insights, laser-focused marketing initiatives and predictive data science.

Passerelle is a trusted partner of Equifax data solutions, and can help identify use cases for immediate impact. Data Rocket for Financial Services includes a preconfigured dashboard for market share analysis and household account holder data.

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