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Data Fiesta @ Snowflake Summit

What: Data Fiesta When: Tuesday, June 14 from 5-7 p.m. Where: Capri Room, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, NV Details: Ready for some Taco Tuesday refreshments and good times after a full day at the Snowflake Summit? Join Passerelle, Talend, SqlDBM, Snowflake, Equifax, Flywheel and ElectrifAI for an interactive scavenger hunt, premier swag, tacos, margaritas, and cervezas.… Continue reading Data Fiesta @ Snowflake Summit

Webinar: Driving Growth through Digital Transformation

Thursday, April 14 | 4 p.m. EST Learn how Berkshire Bank is transforming its data culture, objectives and account holder experience in a 75-minute webinar on April 14. Hear from Peter Love, Director of Technical Innovation, as he discusses how Berkshire overcame roadblocks and realized new and emerging opportunities with an accelerated modern data stack.… Continue reading Webinar: Driving Growth through Digital Transformation