Webinar: Building Data Quality and Observability into the Snowflake Data Cloud

September 15 | 1 p.m. EST

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The benefits of an infinitely elastic Data Cloud are immense – but organizations must be proactive to create a functional data warehouse where data is trusted, visible and usable. In this one-hour webinar, Passerelle engineers will review three components of Data Rocket that bring visibility and trust to your data ecosystem.

  • Governed Dynamic Ingestion – See how our Governed Dynamic Ingestion Framework provides predictable, highly visible data ingestion from any source system to the Snowflake Data Cloud, with managed CDC, dynamical adaptation to data structure changes and creation of data history for every change in source data.
  • Data Quality Watch – Introducing Data Quality Watch – Data Rocket’s newest component that provides automated data profiling and anomaly detection. Data Quality Watch measures operational, inventory, or customer data for integrity, completeness, consistency, timeliness, and popularity – configured by data set for your specific needs.
  • Snowflake WatchSnowflake Watch provides visibility into Snowflake operations, with dashboards for Warehouse Utilization, Query Performance, Security Setup and Database Stats. With Snowflake Watch, Snowflake owners/admins can quickly gauge key volumetric stats, audit user activity with customizable visual dashboards, and drill down to the query- and user-level for deeper insights.

Data Rocket is an Accelerated Modern Data Stack, built on Talend and Snowflake that unlocks critical insights for businesses at any stage of digital transformation. Data Rocket connects data to ready-to-use dashboards in PowerBI or Tableau, putting visual analytics and real-time reporting in the hands of decision-makers throughout an organization.

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