Data Speakeasy @ Snowflake Summit 2024


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Join us for an exclusive gathering that promises to be the bee’s knees of events at Snowflake Summit! Our Data Speakeasy is a five-minute walk from the Moscone Center and promises a night of exclusive giveaways, luxe refreshments, and spirited conversation.

Data Speakeasy

  • Date: June 4, 2024
  • Time: 6-9 p.m.
  • Location: A 5- minute walk from the Moscone Center – complete the form to learn more!

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Participating Partners

Participating partners include:

  • Passerelle – Passerelle is the developer of Data Rocket. Built on Talend and Snowflake, Data Rocket is an accelerated modern data stack that creates a governed data cloud environment, unlocking advanced data applications and revealing the power of your data. 
  • Qlik – Qlik Talend Data Management combines data integration, integrity, and governance in a single, unified platform that unlocks the true potential of your data.
  • SqlDBM – SqlDBM is a cloud-native SaaS data modeling solution built to keep up with the rapidly evolving cloud data warehouse landscape. Using just a web browser, entire teams can collaboratively model, analyze, and access the whole project history.
  • GrowthLoop – GrowthLoop enables a modern customer data stack, where all marketing data stays in your Data Cloud, where it can be automated and measured for laser-focused marketing initiatives. 
  • ALTR – ALTR is the only automated data access control and security solution that allows you to easily govern and protect sensitive data in the cloud – so you can gain more insights and value from more data in less time.
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