Data Ops

Data Ops

Holistic Data Architecture - Simplified

DataOps Methodology combines the spirit of Agile Development with the operational efficiency of Lean Manufacturing. Applied to the end-to-end management of data throughout an organization, DataOps produces replicable frameworks, streamlined processes and solutions-based engineering.

Passerelle uses DataOps to simplify the work of data engineers, data scientists, business analysts and executives within an organization. We want you to spend less time thinking about the “how” ingestion and processing, and more time thinking about the “what” – what insights are at your fingertips? What action can you drive from your data? What can you learn from your existing data, and data from the world around you?

Guided by DataOps Methodology, Passerelle builds holistic data architecture, addressing the human capital, technology needs and long-term sustainability and functionality of your solution. We provide the tools and training to audit your data for quality and performance. Through deep listening, we understand the specific problems you want to address; through our extensive experience, we know the tools and techniques to help you solve them.

Our goal is to bring value to your organization – to make your data systems simple, scalable and ready for the future.


Organizational Collaboration

Data quality can be compromised when data isn’t handled uniformly – but it is essential for all users in an organization to be able to work with the data they need, when they need it. Passerelle builds data quality campaigns that identify data quality issues at the analytics level, with automated pipelines to solve incongruencies at the source level. Our solutions bridge the needs of business analysts and data engineers, so data can become a team sport.

Replicable Frameworks

Passerelle creates replicable frameworks that are ready - out of the box - to solve some of the biggest problems in enterprise-minded organizations. These frameworks include:

  • Dynamic Ingestion Framework that establishes a fast-paced, consumable data lake;
  • Audit and Control Dashboard for to monitor day-to-day ingestion, speed troubleshooting, and plan and scale data growth;
  • Data Security Accelerator to streamline permissions with a data security model and single sign-on implementation.
  • Straightforward Architecture

    Simplifying system architecture gives data engineers, data scientists and business leaders more meaningful time with data. Ingestion and integration shouldn’t be exciting – it should be predictable, understandable, and scalable. Less time spent on mechanical components of data ingestion and integration means more time spent on analytics, and discovering how your data brings value to your organization.

    Quality and Performance Mindset

    Custom dashboards provide valuable insights to data engineers so they can spend less time processing data and more time finding insights. In addition to custom dashboards built specifically for use within your organization, Passerelle designed the following dashboards for out-of-the-box implementation:

  • ETL/processing for data quality in real time;
  • Snowflake consumption dashboards; and
  • Data modeling, smart queries, data shaping in Snowflake.
  • RocketOps

    With Data Rocket™, Passerelle has embodied DataOps with a robust, accelerated, end-to-end data architecture. As a turn-key analytics platform, Data Rocket provides immediate synergy with leading data technologies so businesses get value from data on Day One of platform implementation. Quarterly updates respond to real business needs and keep architecture future-ready.  Data Rocket™ puts industry-best data technology in the hands of businesses of any size, delivering dynamic ingestion, data mastering, 3rd party data, and ML and AI applications. 

    Agile Mindset

    With an agile mindset, Passerelle embraces changes in the marketplace, changing technology, and changes in our customer needs. We work iteratively and collaboratively, building on the knowledge of our team and our customers. We know our strengths, but we don’t assume we know the answer – we are listeners, do-ers, and builders.

    Case Studies

    We help businesses harness the power of their data.

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