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Flywheel Joins Passerelle as Integral Component of Data Rocket for Marketing

Passerelle has joined forces with Flywheel Software to take the power and intelligence of Snowflake and activate customer data to marketing, sales, and customer service tools to drive customer lifetime value and revenue.

Flywheel enables companies like Google and Indeed, Customer Data from Snowflake directly to the marketing, sales, and customer service tools to drive customer lifetime value and revenue. Passerelle will serve as a reseller of Flywheel Software, and as a strategic consultant for Flywheel implementation.

Passerelle CEO Pat Dionne said the Flywheel partnership builds on Passerelle’s commitment to help customers use data to drive better business outcomes, fast.

“Flywheel Software brings leading-edge customer segmentation into the modern data stack,” Pat said. “With Flywheel, organizations have ownership of their data throughout its lifecycle, leading to better visibility and accurate and fast customer engagement.”

Flywheel CEO David Joosten said Passerelle and Flywheel make a natural partnership.

“Passerelle is helping companies across the globe achieve the Modern Data Stack in Snowflake,” David said. “Activating that data with Flywheel is the natural next step to drive marketing growth and a more personalized customer experience.”

As part of the partnership, Passerelle has developed three distinct Flywheel offerings – Flywheel Readiness Assessment, Flywheel Quickstart and Data Rocket for Marketing.

With Flywheel Readiness, Passerelle is providing a complimentary consultation to deliver a clear roadmap for Flywheel enablement – including the tools, datasets, gaps and estimated effort required to move forward.

Flywheel Quickstart is a flat-fee consulting service for enterprise organizations with a mature data warehouse in Snowflake to prepare their data for activation in Flywheel. Passerelle’s service bundle – starting at $7,500 – covers 40 hours of engineering services.

For organizations on the path to digital transformation, Flywheel is the crown jewel in Passerelle’s Data Rocket for Marketing – an end-to-end digital acceleration architecture that brings data governance and accelerated insights to data-driven organizations – enabling best in class customer segmentation and engagement.

Would you like to learn more? Learn more about our partnership, or contact Passerelle or Flywheel Software for more information.

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