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Checklist for AI and ML Readiness

Enterprise AI and ML continues to gain momentum in data intensive industries, bringing with it a suite of transformative capabilities for enterprises. From uncovering hidden insights through complex pattern recognition to leveraging historical data with predictive analytics, AI is reshaping modern data management. Data classification categorizes information based on its features, making it easier to analyze and derive actionable insights. Anomaly detection can identify potential fraud, errors, or unusual activities early on, ensuring swift intervention. Personalized customer interactions, powered by Generative AI, deliver tailored experiences and improve customer satisfaction.  Task automation, driven by GenAI, unlocks advanced functionalities like natural language processing (NLP) and image recognition, streamlining operations and boosting efficiency.  

AI and ML applications have the promise of creating a flywheel effect with your data, creating compound results with reduced effort. If you are ready to start harnessing AI and Machine Learning in your organization, you need to determine if you have the data governance, data quality and data management in place to ensure your application output can be trusted.

Here are a few factors we look at for AI and Readiness:

Can your data infrastructure support AI/ML use cases?

Do you have Data Governance policies and procedures to manage data and ensure compliance?

  • Is data ingested, stored and processed for availability?
  • Is data classified for ease of management?
  • Is it easy to find data relevant to the use case? Is data known, trusted and measured?
  • Is data secure and observable throughout the data lifecycle?

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Do you have a data validation process to check for data quality issues?

  • Can you identify the appropriate data stewards and subject matter experts in your organization?
  • Can you use continuous data profiling to address anomalies early?
  • Do you have a feedback loop to support user input?
  • Are you measuring data quality over time?

Does your metadata management provide context and facilitate discovery?

Is your data secure and compliant with all applicable privacy regulations?

Does your organization have data-driven culture that values continuous learning?

  • Do you use data to inform decision making today?
  • Are self-service data insights accessible to team members at all levels in your organization?
  • Can your team members experiment with new ideas without fear of failure?
  • Does your organization collaborate across departments and business lines?

Do you understand the ethical considerations for AI and ML programs?

  • Do you understand bias in AI and ML?
  • Can you articulate how AI should be used responsibly and when humans should be looped for critical decision making?
  • Have you developed policies for ethical use of AI and data in your organization?

Even organizations who have started testing the waters for AI and ML applications might need help shoring up their data governance posture, data quality initiatives or data infrastructure to take full advantage of today’s tech – and what lies ahead. If you need help getting started or accelerating your current initiatives, we can help.

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