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Virtual Event: How Financial Services Institutions Can Drive Account Growth through Digital Transformation

Learn how digital transformation drives new business, improves customer service, and responds to changing marketplace demands. Hear from Peter Love, Chief Digital Officer at Berkshire Bank, about Berkshire’s ongoing 5-year digital transformation project. With its digital transformation, Berkshire has achieved data independence – moving beyond the constraints of an external data warehouse and making data assets available to business users throughout the organization.

This video also shows how 3rd party and enriched 1st party datasets are easily accessible to organizations of any size with the Snowflake Data Marketplace. Lastly, see an overview of Data Rocket, an end-to-end acceleration architecture that modernizes data infrastructure and delivers critical business insights – securely and accessibly. Built with Talend’s Data Fabric and the Snowflake Data Cloud, Data Rocket™ spurs adoption through IP, integrations and blueprints. Data Rocket connects data to custom dashboards in PowerBI or Tableau, putting visual analytics and real-time reporting in the hands of decision-makers throughout an organization and supporting ML and AI applications.

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Time Stamps:

  • [8:12] Digital Transformation at Berkshire Bank
  • [29:50] Supercharging Your Data Cloud with [29:50] Equifax and [40:00] Segmint
  • [48:45] Data Rocket
  • [59:00] Q&A

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