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Video: Using Data to Grow Mortgage Market Share with Data Rocket + Equifax

Why are today’s regional banks focused on digital transformation?

The answer is simple: In a landscape of competitive threats and emerging industry disruptors, banks need to be laser-focused on creating services and offers that will retain account holders, grow wallet share, and attract new customers.

The good news – pay-per-use pricing models mean that banks of any size can use the same leading technologies leveraged by larger financial services institutions. Data Rocket for Financial Services was created to provide an end-to-end transformative data stack that tackles the needs of today’s banking leaders.

In this 13-minute demo, watch how “Oregon Super Bank,” a fictitious bank based on a real-life use case – uses Data Rocket’s predefined HELOC dashboard to see aggregate views of bank data with Equifax‘s Credit Trends dataset to better understand market share and opportunities in their footprint. Ready to learn more? Request a complimentary consultation now. 

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