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“Schema Drift Watch Native App” Wins Inaugural Passerelle Hackathon 

Passerelle team members flexed their engineering and innovation muscles in a one-day Hackathon that created three Native Apps for the Snowflake Marketplace. Additional Hackathon projects included development of a Generative AI solution for structured and unstructured data in Snowflake, creation of an ALTR companion tool to streamline configuration by API, and integration of QlikSense in the Data Rocket technology stack.   

After presenting the finished product at the Passerelle Retreat, projects were judged by the entire Passerelle team, who gave scores based on relevance to market, innovation and ease of use.  

Winning Project – Schema Drift Watch 

Prototype of Snowflake App Using Snowflake Native Capabilities 

Estimated Release: Q1 2024 

Schema Drift Watch will help organizations with the implementation of data governance programs by providing capabilities to proactively monitor changes in the Snowflake Data Cloud. Schema Drift Watch will be offered as a Native Snowflake App in the Snowflake Marketplace, operated using a point-and-click interface without need of any coding to observe the changes in the data schema structure. 

Alexis Richer, Stephen Brooks, and Maruthi Govindappa were the winning developers of “Schema Drift Watch.”

Using Schema Drift Watch, data leaders can configure and monitor structural and metadata changes of databases, schema, tables, views and UDFs, compare and know the difference in DDL definition/Source code between two data object versions, and have visibility of historical updates. 

Schema Drift Watch adds data schema observability and will also be available as a Native App in Snowflake. It will provide off-the-shelf tooling for Passerelle’s Agile Data Governance program.  

Passerelle CEO Pat Dionne said the Schema Drift Team, consisting of Maruthi Govindappa, Director of Data Management and Governance, Senior Consultant Stephen Brooks, and Data Engineer Alexis Richer, embodied the spirit of the Hackathon, which was rooted in Passerelle’s core values “Bring Your Best”, “Center on the Customer” and “Go!”.  

“The Schema Drift Team started with a blank sheet of paper and finished with a prototype of product that will bring immediate value to our Snowflake customers,” Pat said. “They identified a business/technical problem, and used collaboration and ingenuity to come up with a solution in 8 hours.”  

In the coming months, the team will develop a Light and Pro version of the application. The Schema Drift Watch Light will be available for free on the Snowflake Marketplace. The team donated their cash prize to the Special Olympics of Maine, via a fundraiser by Passerelle Consultant Alex Pozzy.  

Runner Up – Data Quality Watch® 

Prototype of Snowflake Native App 

Estimated Release: December 2023 

Team Data Quality Watch finished closely behind Team Schema Drift Watch, with a prototype that would make Data Rocket’s Data Quality Watch a free Native App available in the Snowflake Marketplace.  

Team Data Quality Watch – Alex Pozzy, Katrina Goodwin and Karim Ali – hard at work on their Data Quality Watch® Native App.

The free version of Data Quality Watch will create a visual representation of Quality Measures across five areas – Data Integrity, Data Consistency, Data Completeness, Data Timeliness and Data Popularity. Users can configure the tool to give the appropriate weight based on their organizational values. The enterprise version will provide unlimited of data set profiling and the ability to create Custom Business Rules.  

Data Quality Watch will provide insight into the evolving trends of data quality metrics, enabling organizations to gauge the current level of data maturity and ensure continuous improvement. 

By defining Quality Measures aligned with business priorities, Data Quality Watch empowers Data Stewards to concentrate their data resolution efforts on the most critical data assets. In cases where Data Quality issues arise during data processing, Stewards can concentrate on resolving issues related to data integration and data preparation. For business-specific corrections, Data Quality Watch’s comprehensive profiling capabilities offer valuable guidance for reconciliation efforts. 

Other Hackathon Projects 

Passerelle teams worked on four other projects during the Hackathon. These projects were: 

  • Gen AI for Financial Services 
  • ALTR Companion Tool  
  • Data Rocket | Qlik Integration 
  • Snowflake Watch Native App 

Gen AI for Financial Services 

Estimated Release: Q2 2024 

The Gen AI for Financial Services team worked on creating an MVP for the vision of Passerelle’s Director of Strategy, Product and Alliances for Financial Services, Greg Spencer. The initiative focused on leveraging Gen AI on top of 1st party data in the Snowflake Data Cloud to query structured and unstructured data to create a better Customer 360 view. As new Snowflake functionalities, including Cortex, enter public preview, Passerelle engineers will work alongside financial services partners to identify a first use case and begin developing a Native App for the Snowflake Marketplace. 

ALTR API Companion Tool 

Estimated Release: H1 2024 

Passerelle’s ALTR integration team developed a proof of concept for an ALTR Companion Tool that automates the setup and maintenance of ALTR’s row-level data access rules deployed to Snowflake as data policies. The tool was created as a native Snowflake application and utilizes ALTR’s rich API interface. 

Qlik | Data Rocket Integration 

Estimated Release: H1 2024 

The Qlik Integration team worked on incorporating Qlik Sense visual analytics into the Data Rocket technology stack. The team created a data model for Qlik Sense that would recreate Data Rocket’s Observe & Control dashboard. Inclusion of Qlik Sense will broaden the options and opportunities for Passerelle customers, and unlock Qlik’s search and conversational analytics features in Data Rocket dashboards. 

Snowflake Watch Native App 

Estimated Release Date: H1 2024 

The Snowflake Watch team developed a Native App that will deliver Snowflake Watch’s observability dashboards, for free, through the Snowflake Marketplace. Snowflake Watch dashboards provide volumetric stats that provide query- and database-level insights on Snowflake Warehouse Usage, Snowflake Query Performance, Snowflake Database Setup and Snowflake Security.  

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