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Prerequisites for Cloud Migration with Data Rocket

A previous blog explained how Data Rocket™ moves and cleanses millions of rows of raw data into the cloud. But what are the prerequisites for migrating to the Snowflake Data Cloud with Data Rocket? 

What is Data Rocket?  

To understand the prerequisites for Data Rocket, it’s important to understand the system architecture. Data Rocket is an end-to-end acceleration architecture, built on Talend’s Cloud Data Platform and the Snowflake Data Cloud – that modernizes data infrastructure and delivers critical business insights – securely and accessibly. While Data Rocket has out of the box custom dashboards with PowerBI or Tableau, and ready-built ML integration, such as Dataiku, it can be modified to adapt to existing visual analytics and ML/AI tools. Data Rocket can be built on any cloud service provider.  

Data Rocket’s acceleration architecture is offered with yearly, subscription pricing. Talend, Snowflake, PowerBI, Tableau and other technology services are sold separately. Talend and Snowflake are the only REQUIRED technology components to get started with Data Rocket. 

Data Rocket Prerequisites: 

  • Set up Snowflake credentials 
  • Set up Talend Cloud credentials 
  • Obtain all credentials to data sources 
  • Set up cloud or on-prem engines 

How to Set up Talend Cloud Credentials 

During your discovery process, Passerelle engineers will identify the subscription level needed for the Talend Cloud services. At a minimum, Data Rocket requires Talend’s Big Data Platform, but additional tools can be added depending on the use case and scope. Once your order is placed with Talend, a license key is sent to Passerelle for Data Rocket implementation.  

How to Set Up Snowflake Data Cloud Credentials 

During your discovery process, Passerelle engineers will identify the right Snowflake Data Cloud edition. Most Data Rocket clients require Snowflake’s Enterprise level at a minimum; customers with HiPAA and PCI compliance needs require the Business Critical plan. Passerelle engineers work with clients to right-size the Data Cloud, guiding though needed loading and analytics time and consumption credits. Once a plan is finalized, a Snowflake license key is sent to the Data Rocket client. 

Obtain Credentials to All Data Sources 

For cloud migration to go efficiently, verify that you have all credentials to access all data sources, including flat files, SQL databases, or Oracle servers. Ideally, this process takes only a few hours, but leave time to track down credentials and log-ins well in advance of Data Rocket implementation.  

Set up cloud or on-prem engines 

Once the engines are set up, Passerelle engineers install necessary Data Rocket components and configuration to initiate implementation.  

Would you like to learn more about Data Rocket’s accelerated data management platform? Contact us today for an exploratory call.  

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