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Passerelle Named Talend’s 2022 Innovation Partner of the Year (Americas)

Talend presented Passerelle with an award for Innovation Partner of the Year at its 2023 Talend Engage event in Nashville, Tennessee.

The award honors Passerelle’s continued development of Data Rocket® – an accelerated modern data stack built on Talend and Snowflake. Additionally, Passerelle develops Highline products and services that accelerate technology implementation, including Talend Cloud Highline.

“Passerelle has leveraged Talend’s leading data management and integration solutions to create a tailored product to meet industry-specific data needs and challenges,” said David Zember, SVP Channels and Alliances at Talend. “With Data Rocket, Passerelle is helping organizations unlock use cases and find immediate business value in their technology investment.”

Data Rocket was officially launched in 2020. After installing Talend and Snowflake in multiple customer environments with overwhelming success, Passerelle engineers identified common areas of optimization across implementations. These included a Governed Dynamic Ingestion Engine, and an Audit and Control Dashboard for easy observability of platform operation statistics.

In subsequent years, Passerelle included additional data sources and types to the Governed Dynamic Ingestion Engine, alongside modules developed to respond to customer requests and pain points. These modules include:

  • Data Mastering Framework – A practical approach to data mastering that uses Talend and Snowflake to create one version of the truth in the Data Cloud.
  • Snowflake Watch – Prebuilt PowerBI or Tableau dashboards that provide observability into Snowflake volume and query stats and consumption.
  • Data Quality Watch – Prebuilt PowerBI or Tableau dashboards to profile and measure data integrity, timeliness, consistency, completeness and popularity.

In addition to Data Rocket modules, Data Rocket has preconfigured integration with Segmint’s enriched first party data offerings, and Equifax datasets.

With a growing roster of regional banks and credit unions, Passerelle is focused on creating more value in 2023 with Data Rocket for Financial Services. Key items on Data Rocket’s roadmap include:

  • Performance and Monitoring Dashboards for Deposits, Loans, Channels, and Transactions
  • Competitive Analysis Dashboards
  • Master Record for Financial Services
  • Integration with Loan Origination Systems
  • Competitive Analysis Dashboards
Members of the Passerelle Team accept the Partner Innovator of the Year Award onstage at Talend Engage.

David said Passerelle’s commitment to Data Rocket’s development, along with its vision for vertical-focused solutions, positions the company for continued growth and innovation.

“We are really excited to see Passerelle continue to develop its offerings for financial services customers,” David said. “In this very competitive landscape, financial institutions are becoming more customer-centric by leveraging near-real-time analytics to make better decisions, offer new products and services and provide an optimized experience. Passerelle is a great partner to these organizations in their transformation journey.”

Passerelle CEO Pat Dionne said Talend has been the right technology foundation for Data Rocket’s modern data stack.

“With Talend, we have the most complete and adaptable toolkit for data management,” Pat said. “Talend provides a strong infrastructure for scalable digital transformation bringing past technologies to future cloud platforms, supporting any data for any use case.”

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